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Accommodation for 2022/23...

Have you had local landlords or lettings agents encouraging you to sign contracts for next academic year? There’s no need to rush!

So many people sign contracts in the first semester, before they’ve had a proper chance to figure out who would be the best housemates for them, or even where in the city they really want to live! There’s plenty of time to work all of this out after the winter break, so our message to you is Don’t Rent Yet!

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Wait until ‘Ready to Rent’ in February 2022

‘Ready to Rent’ is a series of workshops and events aimed at helping you prepare for house hunting and make informed decisions about where you choose to live.

Topics covered during ‘Ready to Rent’ will include tenancy agreements, finding housemates, deposits and how to be a good tenant and neighbour.

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Why should I wait?

Signing a contract now may seem like a good idea, as you haven’t got to worry for the rest of the year, but you’ve only known the people you’ll be living with for a few weeks and may not have spent that much time with them before - what if they leave the toilet seat up? Don’t wash their dishes? What if they want to party every weekend, but you’re more of a movie night person?

Students who sign their tenancy agreements early in the academic year are more likely to end up going to advice(su) looking to end their tenancy early, in some cases before they even move in! They are also more likely to have issues with housemates, landlords and the houses themselves - you won’t really have had a chance to look and see what else is out there if you rush!

Until Ready to Rent starts in February, we would encourage you to enjoy all the other things UEA has to offer! We’ve got so many opportunities for clubs and societies, sports, trips and Do Something Different activities here at UEA and Norwich is a fantastic city to explore. Take the time to enjoy yourself before rushing into a housing contract; you don’t want to have any regrets!