housing advice faqs

How do I ask for repairs to be done in my rented house?

To check what repairs your Landlord is responsible for, look at your contract, and if you are in any doubt pop in and see us.

It’s fine to call to report a repair, but always follow it up with an email. It will help if you need to chase up the repair later. Landlords should carry out repairs within a reasonable time. What is reasonable depends on factors such as how major the repair is, whether there are safety implications, and whether there are any temporary fixes which could be used while you are waiting.

It’s a good idea to request repairs as soon as you notice something. If you leave it and it gets worse (and more expensive to repair) it could affect your deposit.

Can I leave my housing contract?

This is a complicated question. If you have signed a fixed term tenancy agreement, the first thing is to look to see if it allows early termination. Most housing contracts don’t. If you’re not sure, come and get your tenancy agreement checked. We can also help with advice about other strategies, such as how to look for a substitute tenant and negotiating with your landlord and housemates.

My landlord is selling the house I rent, how will this affect me?

If the sale goes through during the course of a tenancy for a fixed period, the new owner will buy the property subject to your tenancy rights, and you can continue to stay in the house on the same terms and conditions, including rent. It’s important to find out the new owner’s contact details before the sale goes through as you will need to be able to contact them about things like repairs. If the new landlord tries to increase your rent, or asks you to leave, get in touch with us.  If you don’t have a fixed term contract, come and get advice, as your situation may be different.

Where do I get my council tax exemption form from?

You can download it from your student home page on the portal

Where can I look for accommodation?

For on campus accommodation, contact the accommodation office https://portal.uea.ac.uk/accommodation . For private rented accommodation, there are several options. You can

  • use the su accredited housing list, Home Run https://uea.su/housing/housing/students/
  • look online using Rightmove or Zoopla, where most high street letting agents advertise
  • for a single room try the Home Run message board www.homerunstudentpad.co.uk/Pages/Homelet  and the Official uea(su) Housing Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/7101708693/