during your tenancy

now you've moved in

advice(su) can offer support and guidance with all sorts of problems with rented housing.  Where possible, we help you to sort these out yourself, or to avoid them happening in the first place. If that’s not possible, we can negotiate on your behalf or advise you about further steps you can take.

Take a look at this NUS video about your, and your Landlords’, rights and responsibilities, and what to do about common problems:

advice(su) produces lots of downloadable guides to help you with common problems:

Council tax

Most students will be exempt from council tax. Check whether you are exempt and how to claim your exemption.

Rights & Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants
Outlines the legal expectations of landlords and tenants.

Can I leave my housing contract?

Your tenancy is a binding legal agreement. If you are thinking of leaving before the end of the contract, for whatever reason, make sure you know what the legal implications could be before you make any decisions.

Good Landlord & Tenant Guide
Tips for developing a good relationship with your landlord.

Repairs to your Home
Looks at the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord when it comes to different types of repair.

Damp & Condensation Prevention
Tips for preventing and removing condensation in the home.

Security in your Home

Guidance on how to make your house secure, and how to protect your personal property from crime.

time to go? moving out

Our top tips for getting your deposit back at the end of your tenancy:

  • Make sure the inventory is properly checked when you move in
  • Take photos of the condition of the house when you move in
  • Over the year, report repairs needed promptly to your Landlord, in writing
  • Use this handy checklist from Home Run  to prepare for moving out
  • Take more photos when the house is all clean and shiny ready for you to leave
  • Review your rented house and your Landlord here www.marksoutoftenancy.com

Then follow the procedures required by your specific letting agency or your landlord.