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What is the STV (Single Transferable Vote System)?

This is a form of proportional representation where a voter has a single vote that is allocated to their most preferred candidate (marked on their ballot as 1). As the count progresses and candidates are either elected or eliminated until the allocated quota has been met (in most cases, 50% of total counts +1) that voter's vote gets transferred to their stated next preference (marked on their ballot as 2, 3, 4, etc), in proportion to any surplus or discarded voters. This means that each voter genuinely contributes towards the outcome of the overall results without hindering for the support of your first choice of candidate.

It sounds complicated - but that's for us to work out on the night (if you're really keen, click here for more info). As a voter, you just need to rank each candidate in the order of your preference... genuinely as easy as 1,2,3!

You can also check out this video for more information:



What is RON?

You should list 'Re-open nominations' (RON) as a preference if you feel that the candidates you have not yet listed are not suitable for that position.

Note: Voting for R.O.N is an active vote AGAINST the remaining candidates. To express indifference, choose 'No Further Preference'.

If Re-Open Nominations is elected to any position then nominations for the election will be re-opened at a later date and the election for that position will be held at a later date.

You can continue to rank candidates after voting RON, and your vote will still be transferred to your next choice if RON is eliminated.

How to Vote In Your Student Leadership Election Guide

Before casting your vote...

Please make sure to login with your UEA credentials, not as a guest.


Step 1:

On the election page you will see the election link (as seen below). 

Here you can see both Position & Candidate Lists, when ready click on the Candidate List




Step 2:

You will see all eligible positions you can vote for and the candidates for each one

Remember, a lot of the positions are limited to voters who fit in their portfolio. So only undergrads can vote for the undergrauate education officer, and only those who identify as Women+ can vote for the Women+ candidate etc.

Follow each candidates' manifesto link to learn more about their campaign. 


Step 3

Click on vote when you have made your decision and are ready to cast your vote. 


Step 4:

Once you click on vote at the top, the bottom screen will appear, and show you the individual roles you are eligble to vote for.

You need to click on each of the roles separately and vote for them individually. 


Step 5:

Upon clicking on a role, you will see all the candidates running for that position. As we use a Single Transferable Voting system, you need to click on the candidates in the order you wish them to win, with the first candidate you click on being the one you want to win and so fourth.


Step 6

Once you click on candidates, they will appear in the order you select them on the right hand side. You can click abstain if you do not wish to vote for any of the candidates running for a particular role. 

Once happy with your order, you click cast vote to officialise it. 


Step 7:

Once you click cast vote, you will get a final confirmation notification


Step 8:

Once all confirmed you will get presented with this screen.

Congratulations! Your vote has been officially cast.

If there are other positions you are eligble to vote for, simply click on the position and repeat the process.