why vote?


UEA Votes - why?

In just a few weeks, UEA students will have the chance to elect their new uea(su) Officer Team. Full and part-time officers are the key representatives for the student body and, working with other Student Leaders, they shape and inform the Union's democratic structure and its priorities. Candidates will outline their key policies and ideas in their manifestos over the campaigning period. By voting in the elections, each of you get to contribute to deciding what uea(su)'s priorities are for the next 12 months.

Here are four big reasons why your vote will matter in the elections...

1. uea(su) Officers change university decisions at the highest level

The people you elect as Officers will have access to the highest level of decision-making in the University. This has led to major wins for students and it can lead to the policies you vote for becoming a reality. Whether it’s getting better exam feedback, defending self-certification extensions, getting significantly more funding for mental health services, or getting scholarships for disabled students, the Officers, guided by you, can make huge changes to University life.  By voting, YOU get to decide what that change will be.

2. SU Officers run the SU day-to-day

uea(su) Officers have responsibility for all the everyday activities of the SU. If you want to contribute to making our services, our businesses, our support, and our environment even better, the Officers, with your support, will be able to make that change happen.

3. Every vote will count

uea(su) elections are often very, very close. No candidate is an absolute shoo-in; previously, one candidate won by a margin of 18 votes; another by just 6 votes. Your vote could make the difference between one vision for the SU and another.

4. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Voting is all done online at the click of a button, and it’s really easy to see people’s policies and ideas as you vote. As we use the Single Transferable Vote System, which essentially asks the voter to rank the candidates in the order of preference, your vote won’t be wasted and will be transferred to your next-preferred choice. More information on how voting works can be found in our FAQs section.


Voting will open soon