Player of the Week

Player of the week guidelines

Every week, each club gets a chance to reward a player who has improved or excelled in their performance with a free LCR ticket. To avoid misuse and increase fairness on the distribution of these rewards we are implementing some guidelines in order to allocate them.

Due to the popular nature of A-List, we can only allocate 20 tickets per week, and the allocation will be based on these guidelines and on the reasonings given in the applications. 

  1. Players should have demonstrated improvement/excellence in their performance.
  2. This improvement should be explained in the application form.
  3. No player should receive this reward two weeks in a row.
  4. Players can only receive this reward a maximum of 4 times a semester.
  5. Captains will decide the player whose performance deserves recognition. If there isn’t a captain, a collective decision by the committee should be made.
  6. We can only allocate one ticket per club, up to 20 clubs each week.
  7. Submissions must be made by midnight on Thursday each week.

Any questions, please contact the Activities and Opportunities Officer on [email protected]


Submit your player of the week here