Wednesday Afternoons

Advice for students whose club fixtures clash with academic teaching on Wednesday Afternoons. 


  1. Talk to your Academic Adviser and make sure they are aware of your participation in sport and the commitment this requires in terms of training and events. Give them regular updates on your success in balancing your studies and sport and alert them to any tensions you are experiencing and discuss if and how these might be reduced.
  2. Every effort is made to minimise the number of classes for undergraduates scheduled on Wednesday afternoons after 2pm to enable students to participate in sporting activities. Modules with multiple seminar groups are permitted to run some seminars on Wednesday afternoons. If you are scheduled for a Wednesday afternoon seminar group you can request a move to a group which meets on another day. Please discuss any such requests with your LTS Hub at the earliest possible opportunity. 
  3. If you have an away fixture with an earlier than 1pm departure time on a Wednesday, speak to your module organiser and/or lecturer and alert them to the fact that you will be absent. Please discuss with them what teaching and learning you might miss by doing so and how you are best advised to catch-up. Also report your intended absence using the on-line reporting tool giving the reason, and alert your Academic Adviser if you miss any teaching events. 
  4. Talk to your Academic Adviser about clashes between assessment events and sports fixtures you or they may foresee, to see whether there is any flexibility that can be offered to you, for example could an assessed presentation be undertaken at another time.  If flexibility can be offered, and you wish to request a variation in arrangements, you will be expected to provide a reference from the Student Sport team confirming the validity of your request.


If you've tried all of the above and are still facing issues, please email [email protected].