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Sport and Society Executives Elections 2021/22

No elections are currently running


General Information

What are these elections?

It is that time of year when members of clubs and societies elect new Sports and Society Executives that will will sit on and attend either Societies Executive meetings, or Sports Executive meetings. The Sports and Societies Executive subcommittees are designed to be a form of student consultation and representation, meaning attendees input on topics to help develop and improve clubs and societies at UEA, as well as contributing to the approval of grants and new societies.


What roles are including in this election?

The following roles for Societies Executive will be included in this election:

  • Academic Societies Representative
  • Arts and Performance Societies Representative
  • Charities and Campaign Societies Representative
  • Cultural Societies Representative
  • Games and Hobbies Societies Representative
  • Media Societies Representative
  • Medical Societies Representative
  • Peer Support Group Representative
  • Personal Development Societies Representative
  • Political Societies Representative
  • Religious Societies Representative
  • Societies Publicity Officer

The following roles for Sports Executive will be included in this election:

  • Colney Lane Representative
  • Dance and Gymnastics Representative
  • External Sports Representative
  • Indoor Sports Representative
  • Martial Arts Representative
  • Outdoor Sports Representative
  • Water Sports Representative
  • Active Campus Officer
  • Sports Publicity Officer
  • Sports Finance Officer

Representative roles are elected to represent a group of clubs or societies, and Officer roles are elected to focus on specific topics or project.

For more information on these roles, please see our Sports Executive Job Descriptions document and our Societies Executives Job Descriptions document.


Who can run for a role in this election?

To run for a representative role, you need to be a member of the relevant club or society. For example, you need to be a member of a Dance of Gymnastics club to run for the Dance and Gymnastics representative role; you need to be a member of a Medical society to run for the Medical Societies Representative role, and so on.

To run for a Sports Officer roles (Active Campus Officer, Sports Publicity Officer, and Finance Officer) you need to be a member of any club. To run for the Societies Officer roles (Societies Publicity Officer) you need to be a member of any society.


Who can vote in this election?

You need to be a member of a club or society to vote in this election.

You can vote on roles that represent the club or society you are part of. If you are a member of a club, you can vote on any of the Sport Officer roles. If you are a member of a society, you can vote on the Society Officer role.


Why should I run for an Exec role?

As a Sports of Societies Exec…

  • You get the opportunity to make positive change for clubs and societies
  • You are part of a democratic, decision-making process and have an active role in deciding which student groups are eligible for grant funding, and reviewing new society applications
  • You have the chance to learn and build skills, such as negotiation, leadership, and teamwork
  • You can use your experience as a committee member to contribute to the UEA Award, and talk about these roles on your CV
  • You will have the opportunity to make friends with other Execs, and work with friends on club and society projects


When are these elections taking place?

The Timeline for this election is as followed:

Nominations open: 28th July 2021, 10am

Nominations close: 11th Aug 2021, 10pm

Voting opens: 12th Aug 2021, 10am

Voting closes: 19th Aug 2021, 10pm




Can I nominate myself for an exec position?

Any current student at UEA, that will still be a student in the 2021/22 academic year, can nominate themselves for an Exec position.

You cannot nominate someone else for an Exec position.

Students that are doing a foundation year, that are currently on a year/semester abroad, that have intercalated this year, that are transitioning from Undergraduate studies at UEA to Post-Graduate studies at UEA can all run for an Exec position. If you fit into any of these categories and are struggling to access the election, please email [email protected] for further assistance. 


Can I nominate myself for multiple Exec roles?

Yes, you can nominate yourself for as many roles as you wish as long as you meet the requirements. To see who can run for what role, click here. You can only hold one role on each committee, therefore at most, you could hold one role on Sports Executive Committee and one role on Societies Executive committee.


What happens if I win multiple roles?

You can only hold one role on each committee, therefore if you win multiple roles within the same committee, for example you win two roles on the Societies Executive committee, the SU will be in contact with you and ask you to select which role you would like to take on and which role you would like to decline.


How do I nominate myself for a committee position?

Please follow these instructions to nominate yourself:

  • Log into the website
  • Head to this page of the SU website, or to the bottom of your club or society page
  • Click on the Sports and Societies Executive Election
  • Locate the role you want to nominate yourself for and click 'nominate yourself'
  • Fill in the boxes with your information and upload a photo of yourself. Click on ‘review your nomination’
  • You also have the option of adding a typed manifesto either in manifesto box
  • You will receive an email after you have nominated yourself. Your name will appear under the committee role once the voting begins.

Make sure you nominate yourself for the role before the nomination period ends.


Can I run for Exec role as a pair?

No you can only run an Executive role as an individual.


I’m trying to nominate myself, but it isn’t working. What now?

  • Make sure you are logged in to the SU website using your student account. To see how to log-in to the SU website, click here.
  • If you are logged in via your student account and are still having difficulties, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.




What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is a statement about who you are, what you want to do if elected and why students should vote for you. You do not have to submit a manifesto, although it is recommended you do.

Why do I need a manifesto?

Manifestos are an important part of the election as they help voters make a judgement on your potential as a Sports or Societies Executive member. In the 2017 Office Elections, 33% of student voters said they voted for a candidate because they agreed with their manifesto (compared to 9% who voted for them because they spoke to them in person), showing how influential a manifesto can be.


What should my manifesto look like?

This year, to ensure fairness, all manifestos submitted on the SU website must be typed into the manifesto box. If you wish to create additional designed assets you can post these on social media.  


Where do I upload my manifesto?

You will be asked to submit your manifesto during the nomination process. Just look for the manifesto button!



Can I vote in the election? 

You need to be a member of a club or society to vote in this election.

You can vote on roles that represent the club or society you are part of. If you are a member of a club, you can vote on any of the Sport Officer roles. If you are a member of a society, you can vote on the Society Officer role.


How do I vote in the Exec elections?

  • Log into the SU website
  • Find the election at the top of this page or at the bottom of your club or society page
  • Find the roles you are eligible to vote in and select. You will then be asked to pick your choices in order of preference (or RON if you don’t think any are suitable)
  • You will receive an email notification after you have cast your vote


Where can I find the election?

You can find the election at the top of this page or at the bottom of your club or society page on the SU website.



Results and Training

When will I find out if I won a role in the Exec elections?

We will contact all winners of the Exec Election by Aug 14th. The list of Execs will be posted onto our SU and on our social media page by Aug 18th. 


What if there was a tie in votes?

If there is a tie in the votes, the Student Events and Activities Manager will flip a coin to decide which candidate is appointed into the position.


Is training provided for Sports and Societies Executives?

Yes! We provide all Executives with full training to ensure you can do your role properly, know the support available to you, and understand what we expect of you. This training will take place in early September and will last one and a half hours.


Where is training taking place?

All training will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams.


What happens if I don’t attend training?

You will not be able to attend Exec meetings and contribute towards decision making until you have attended the training session.