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Student Opportunities

What do we do?

Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups are one of the best bits about being a student. uea(su) has funded these student groups for as long as anyone can remember, and because we’re led by you, it’s unlikely that’s ever going to change.

Through Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups, you can learn new skills and develop existing ones. You can also meet some great people! As you are reading this, it suggests that you are looking to get more heavily involved in your student group. In doing this you are making sure that other students have as fantastic an experience with Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups as you have. For this we are extremely grateful, and more than happy to help you in any way we can over the course of the year.

Getting involved in the organisational side of a Club, Society and Peer Support Group can be even more rewarding and is a great service to your fellow students. So whether you've been left in charge of an existing group, or you want to set up a new one, you should be given all the information that you need. In many cases your group will have been left in a great position by your previous committee; however, our committee hub is here for any questions you may have or to give you information about new areas that you might not have been involved in before.

The Union is here to improve the student experience and to bring what you want into existence. We also love to hear what’s great about what you do and what else you need us to do, so if you have any problems, ideas or things you want to celebrate, just shout!

Your Officer


Name: Lizzie Payne


Job title: Activities and Opportunities Officer


Job description: As a student officer I represent the student body, in my case throughout clubs and societies. I am responsible for securing opportunities for students to participate in extra and co-curricular activities whilst at UEA; improving the student experience by developing successful clubs, societies and student media groups; developing and supporting committee members; chair meetings with sports and societies executives and presidents; and being the voice of UEA students on employability, activities and student sport amongst other things. As well as that, I am the chair of the student’s union Finance Committee and sit on the Board of Trustees. You can talk to me about clubs (or university sport), societies, media groups, employability, union development or student’s union finance – or any general issue.



Student Opportunities Team

Name: Victoria Jackson

Job title: Activities and Events Manager

Job description: To manage the operational delivery of student groups and non-commercial events provision at UEASU.

You can get in touch with me to discuss any events content and programming, student group training and Do Something Different event related queries 






Name: Alys Kimberley


Job title: Student Opportunities Coordinator (Events)

Job description: 
Hi, i'm Alys and I'm the Student Events Coordinator here at UEASU. I can help you plan and carry out events that you may want to hold and guide you through all of the steps to make your event as successful as possible. As well as this, I can give advice on risk assessments, trips and external events such as your society's annual ball that you may have.


You can get in touch with me about anything to do with club and society events including face to face events, online events, socials, how to make your event Covid secure, trips and help on how to complete a risk assessment. 



Name: Chloe

Job Title: Student Opportunities Coordinator

Description: I do a bit of everything in the opportunities team from helping to oversee student groups to running community building events, such as Welcome Week events, and cultural events, like Go Global. I manage committee training and support the media collective. If you ever have any ideas for new events or schemes you would like the SU to consider running, questions about problems within your society, training, or anything slightly obscure, then please drop me an email or come in for a chat.

You can get in touch with me about about anything to do with the running of your student group, including training opportunities, committee problems, or genera student group advice. 



Name: Jessica Thomas

Job Title: Do Something Different Administration

Job Description: I graduated from UEA in Film and Television in 2018 and have been working at UEA SU as the DSD Administration since September 2019. This means that I work with various groups, be they students lead, part of the university or external, to put on and advertise a wide variety of events to students over the course of the academic year. The aim of DSD is form students to be able to engage in activities that are outside of their usual academic experience, so this is what I strive for in my organisation and programming of events. I am also in charge of the amazing group of DSD ambassadors that volunteer at our various events.

If you have any questions about what I do, or how to get involved in DSD, either to run an event or to go to one, then please feel free to contact me. The dedicated DSD email address is [email protected].


Name: Amy Rust

Job Title: buddy(su) Co-ordinator

Job Description: I support the 300+ buddy(su) volunteers to deliver the buddy(su) scheme. The scheme aims to support new students to settle and integrate into life at UEA via a peer support system. Trained volunteers help new students settle into UEA and Norwich, learn the student basics and get involved with social opportunities. New students are matched based interests/hobbies, or optionally by school. Volunteers contact their buddies over email and meet up as little or often as agreed to help them settle in or just have a catch up! You can contact me about anything to do with peer support or setting up a peer support or mentoring scheme in your school, club or society.

You can get in touch about anything to do with the buddy scheme, volunteering opportunities or setting up formal peer support in your club, society or school


Name: Adam Roche

Job title: Head of Activities, Development and Opportunities

Job description : I am tasked with leading the team delivering extra curricular activities and opportunities on campus. My main role is to ensure our output is effectively resourced, safe and achieveing our aims, to provide you with the best possible experience at UEA. 

You can get in touch with me about anything that is urgent, with complaints or incidents. Or about the overall offerring of support for student groups and events on campus.


Name: Vacant

Job Title: Student Opportunities Coordinator (Widening Participation & Outreach).

Job description: To work with UEA’s outreach Team to encourage, train and support student groups to undertake outreach projects in local schools that will help to raise awareness and aspiration to enter higher education among participants. To also work with UEA’s Widening Participation Team to develop and promote a range of activities tailored for UEA Students from a widening participation background that will enhance a sense of belonging and engagement with the full university experience, with a focus on uea(su) opportunities.

You can get in touch with me about anything to do with outreach in high schools, sixth forms or colleges. Including outreach safeguarding training, introduction to outreach, developing your brief and developing your outreach session. You can also get in touch with me if you would like support with making your student group more accessible and inclusive or support with developing a survey to help you do this. 









You can reach our whole team,at [email protected].