what is welcome?

Are there going to be any events?

Absolutely! We are working very hard to put together a programme of digital events, as well as in person events that can be run Covid safely. Sign up to the welcome newsletter and get access to updates on events, pres-sales and all the infomration you need for welcome week.

There are other events being advertised, are they official?

Any pages that are selling events but do not have the uea(su) logo on the page are not official. We recommend getting joining the welcome newsletter to stay up to date and avoid disappointment as we sell out in advance every year.

Can I attend events if I am under 18?

The night time events are for 18+ only. However, this does not mean you will miss out on as there are so many activities to get involved in.

What if I do not drink/I am worried about peer pressure?

Welcome Fest is all about making you feel welcome and having an amazing first experience at UEA. An important factor in this is ensuring you that you do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with. We understand that lots of students don’t drink for different reasons, and that’s totally valid. We host loads of non-alcoholic events over the week for you to get involved with.If you feel harassed or pressured to do anything you’re not comfortable with, you can report it to a member of staff either at the event or within the SU.

How can I get home from a night out in Bar(SU)?

There are many taxi companies that work within Norwich all day but as a university, we want to make sure that students are safe when they find themselves in difficult situations. We have our Safe Taxi Scheme, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can call one of the scheme’s taxi company and get home safe and sound. The taxi companies that are currently taking part are: ABC Taxi, 5 Star Taxi, Courtesy Taxi.

Where do I report any sexual harassment issues from a Welcome event?

uea(su) is committed to providing a safe environment to all students, staff and visitors. The University promises to thoroughly investigate all reports of inappropriate behaviour and conduct and will implement recommendations and/or actions in line with the disciplinary policy, equality and diversity policies, and contract of employment.If you experience any form of sexual harassment at any of our events, you can report the incident to any member of security, bar staff or supervisor/duty manager. Also, the university has the Student Support Service who have trained advisers that can provide, confidential advice and support. They will help support you so you can make the decision that is right for you. The quickest way to be meet with an adviser is to complete the ‘Report In’ form online.

How do I join a club or society?

From the 21st - 25th September we will have a virtual welcome fair, this is a chance for you to explore the clubs and societies that we have on offer - you can chat with them online, see what they have to offer and get your memberships

What if I have accessibility needs?

We aim to provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities and to take the necessary steps to meet their requirements. We try to ensure that everything we do is accessible to as many of you as possible.

If I miss the virtual welcome fair, can I still join a club or society?

You can join a sports club or society all year round. All you need to do is head to the Opportunities page on the SU website and purchase your memberships for the year. All the important information about the clubs and societies can be found on their page so read up before you sign up! We recommend you attend Freshers’ Fair though, as you could pick up important information that might not be listed on their website, such as the first social that the group might host or the first give-it-a-go session.

I can't purchase club/society membership or book a taster session

There are a couple of different issues that may be causing your problem with the account and we will endeavour to solve this for you as quickly as possible.

If you cannot purchase a membership or a taster session because it says you need to ‘buy a lifetime membership’ or you ‘do not meet the requirements’ please log out of your guest account and then re log into the website using your student details (eg abc12xyz) with the green button on the left-hand side. This is how you need to log into the SU website moving forward as this is how the system will register you as a student and allow you access to everything studenty that you might want to buy.

If when you try this the website says 'sorry, we can't find your account' please can you try the following:

  • Refresh your webpage or open a new browser tab and try again
  • Try a different internet search system
  • Clear all of your cookies and try again


If none of these things work, please don’t panic, it might just mean that we have not got to your account yet. We have a large back log due to reduced staff and working hours so it is taking up slightly longer than usual to sort out student accounts. We are working as fast as possible to get this solved for you. Please keep trying to log into the website periodically as the system will need time to update and for the information to go through.

Please don't worry - you will not miss out on getting memberships as these are available all year long. If you are concerned about missing a taster session you can contact the club or society via their social media. You can use the website to find their web pages and their social media details should be on there.

If you have tried above and nothing seems to be working then please email us at [email protected] or message us on UEA Students’ Union Facebook to let us know the details of the issue and we can help you from there.

Thank you for your patience and we promise we will get you online and exploring as soon as possible!