Getting around

Transport in Norwich

Getting to campus, the city or home again afterwards is a breeze

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The Bus

The Blue Line runs from Campus to the City

You can catch the Number 25 or Number 26 bus - the Blue Line - from the main campus bus stops for a quick 10-15 minute ride to the city centre.

Buses on this route run down Earlham Road and Unthank Road, close to most off-campus student accommodation.

Buses run as often as every 5 minutes during the day, every 15 minutes in the evening, and every hour after midnight!

First Buses University Timetable
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Pedal power is popular here

Norwich has one of the country's highest rates of cycling and walking. It's an easy 20 min ride to the city from Campus!

Got a puncture? Dr Bike is on campus next to Congregation Hall for a quick fix. Dr Bike also sells second-hand bikes and does workshops on basic bike maintenance. You can find other mechanics and bike shops all over the city.

Norwich cycle maps Dr BikeRoute from Campus to the City
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Free and reliable

Norwich is a walkable city. It's about 45 mins to an hour (2.8 miles) from Campus to the city centre, and it's even a nice walk.

Once you're in the city, there's no better way to explore. VisitNorwich lists some places to check out, so make sure you have a look around!

Did we mention it's free?
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Catch a train

Escape the city, head to the coast

We get it. Sometimes you've just gotta get out of Norwich. Fortunately, Norwich Train Station is a short walk from the city centre.

Better still, it's on the same bus route as campus! You can catch the 25 or 26 bus all the way from UEA to the station.

It takes about two hours to reach London, or one hour to get to Cromer and Sheringham on the coast!

Those aren't the only options


When you need to catch a ride, Norwich has a range of reputable companies offering great service.

Better still - the Safer Taxi scheme means even if you get stuck without cash for a cab, you can provide your student details and pay the Students' Union back later!

Safer Taxis Scheme ABC Taxi 5 Star Taxi Courtesy Taxi

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