Liberation Societies and Assemblies

uea(su) works very hard to champion and defend liberation groups such as women+ (women and non-binary students), BAME people, LGBT+ people and people with disabilities. We also defend the right of international students and mature students. Therefore each group has their own liberation Societies or Assembly to represent their interests, self-organise and elect their own representatives to Union Council. In order to keep the privacy of these groups you will need to login to access them.

We have the following Liberation Societies and Assemblies:

BAME Liberation Society

Graduate Assembly

International Subcommittee

LGBT Plus Association

Mature Students' Assembly

Disabled Students' Liberation Society

Non-binary and Women's Network



To find out more, click on the links below. (Please note that the liberation societies and the Mature Students' Assembly are behind a login wall - so please login to the website at the top in order to access these!)