Eat Drink Shop


Services that Students own and run

The SU's commercial operations are run as Social Enterprises- run by students, for students where the profit goes back into services for students.

We run student bars, cafes and lounges- where everybody knows your name. We operate housing for students- the most student focussed in Norwich. And we run a student run shop- things you want, prices you need. We put on safe, great value nights out with friends for life. We run the best, most diverse SU live music programme in the UK. And we help students run events where you and your mates shine.

Our ambitions

This is where we want to be by 2019:

  • We will be run efficiently, to a high standard, and generate a healthy surplus that can be ploughed back into the union 
  • We will employ a high number of student staff who are paid well and gain valuable experience at all levels of our business
  • We will be an exemplar in relation to safety, security, responsible retailing and ethical practices and purchasing
  • In our programming and product ranges we will seek to meet the widest possible range of students’ needs, we will focus on minorities as well as majorities, and we will provide a platform for student talent to shine

shopSU on campus is home to a bakery, Post Office, Lottery, best value stationary, clothing, cards, subsidised newspapers, meal deals, a wide range of world foods and lots more. There's 10% with an NUS Extra Card. We also have a new Grab & Go outlet in the Gateway. The Shop also employs lots of student staff, so keep an eye out for vacancies!

bar|su. We run two bars (known as "Red" and "Blue" which host regular student run events and have occasional discounted prices, before The LCR club nights for example.

UNIO is our own, independently run, ethically focused coffee shop. It is located in The Hive and has plenty of comfy seating so is perfect for grabbing a drink and something to eat with your friends in between lectures. All of our tea and coffee is Fair Trade.

Scholars is our café bar with a more relaxed feel, designed by postgrads, mature students and staff. There’s a great range of food and coffee by day, a good range of wine, beer and spirits and regular events in the evening, with regular music and quiz events.