decolonise uea

What is Decolonise UEA?


"Decolonise UEA” is a campaign to tackle institutionalised racism at UEA; dismantle hierarchical, opaque and undemocratic institutional cultures; diversify the curriculum; improve the representation of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) staff; and steer meaningful interventions to improve the wellbeing and student experience of BAME students at UEA.


“Decolonise UEA” is also the name of a student society at UEA, which engages in grassroots organising and hosts events on the topic of decolonising the university at UEA. You can join the society here for free and you can find their website here. The SU’s Decolonise UEA campaign is separate from the Decolonise UEA society, however both initiatives are mutually supportive of each other. 


What does decolonisation mean?


We use decolonisation to describe how higher education has been shaped by histories and legacies of colonialism and racism that have led to structural inequalities that remain today. The decolonising project is about acknowledging this past and addressing its lasting effects.



What are we calling for?


A truly diverse, global curriculum and anti-racist learning environment


All university services (and especially mental health services) designed with BAME students in mind


Better BAME representation at all levels of UEA and uea(su)


Preventing and educating the wider student body about racism


BAME students feel a sense of belonging at UEA where everyone is a proactive ally


Dismantling of hierarchical power structures and western superiority at UEA



How do I get involved?

We will be holding several steering groups throughout the year to ensure that this campaign reflects the changes that students of colour want to see at UEA. Check out our calendar of events at the bottom to find out when the next steering group meeting is!


The Decolonise UEA society meets monthly. If you would like to hear more about the society or get involved, you can join here for free and find more information about getting involved here.



What if I experience or witness racism at UEA?

Alongside the Decolonise UEA campaign, we have our Eradicate Hate campaign around reporting hate crime and incidents of racism. Go to the Eradicate Hate page to report any incident you experience or witness and to access support.