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What our student staff have to say

Catering Staff 

"Working in catering has been great! I was nervous at first, but the staff and supervisors are incredible at getting you to where you need to be. It's been a really fun experience, and I'd definitely recommend applying"

Events Staff 

"Working for the SU has been the best working experience I’ve had at university. I’ve had the pleasure of working in the venues team in particular the bar and crew.
What I love most about working as crew is how rewarding the job is. You get to build a set for a band, watch as they perform on stage and then break it back down whilst learning all the aspects of stage work. It’s more of a slower job because it takes time to set everything up you meet some amazing people of the years. Not only this but I also worked club nights as crew which allowed me to set up the LCR with all the lights and props needed for the show and then control the lights during the disco. It's amazing seeing everyone enjoy the nightclub when you know how much work is put into the set.
As mentioned, I also work behind the bar where it's much more fast paced, especially on club nights. I’ve made some incredible friends and some amazing memories over the years I’ve worked behind the bar. I’ve also developed a lot of my bar skills as I joined the SU without any bar experience so now making all the drinks is a breeze. I’ve loved the friendly atmosphere and I think it is the best job for a university student because not only the social aspect but also because it fits so well with my university timetable."

Bar Staff

"Since I started working at the SU almost 2 years ago I can honestly say that it’s one of the best decision I could have made. SU venues is not only an amazing place to work but also a great way to develop transferable skills that will be really useful in your professional career. No shift feels the same, you have the chance to work either at the pub or during gigs and club nights so getting bored is not a thing around here. Our team is amazing and the management team are super lovely and funny to talk with, which makes every shift really enjoyable and fun. Besides all this, its the perfect part time job while being at uni since you don’t have to leave the campus to go to work and the working hours are super flexible so you can easily adapt them around your lectures, activities and commitments. This is all without mentioning our team socials that are organised almost every month and are an amazing way for everyone to create stronger bonds and memories with each other. 
From all the amazing memories in the bar these past few years I decided to start writing a small memory book so I don’t forget all the iconic and weirdly funny experiences I have lived here. What I particularly enjoy the most is to refuse really intoxicated clients during club nights as the excuses they come up with are so hilarious. My time at UEA wouldn’t been the same if I hadn’t joined the team and I am really grateful for having the pleasure to work with such lovely people while making so many memories!"

Cellar Staff

Working at the bar was so much fun but my favourite shifts were always down in the cellar. The team is great and I learnt so many new skills! If you’re interested in knowing how the bar works the cellar is the place for you - you get lots of responsibility and it’s pretty cool handling hundreds and thousands of VKs at a time.
The shifts can be flexible as deliveries, stock takes and stock moves all happen at different times so it’s great for those with busy schedules. If you like looking important then wearing the PPE around campus is a definite plus and it can be a good workout too!

Alcohol Impact Crew

Working as a member of the Alcohol Impact Crew has been the highlight of my time at the UEA. It has been a wholly unique experience, one that I don’t think I would have been able to have at any other university. During my foundation year, I felt a bit like I didn’t belong on my course. But when I started as a member of AIC, that all went away.  Working within the team, getting to know everyone, and feeling like a member of something worthwhile was a huge boost to my confidence and wellbeing. AIC felt like a noble pursuit, helping students who may have had a few too many, talking to students who felt like things were getting to be too much, and generally supporting students in their pursuit of a good night out has been incredible.  

AIC is unlike any other job I’ve had, and I think a perfect opportunity for someone wanting to get a fulfilling experience in both their work and uni life. My main concern coming in was that, being that I wasn’t someone who often goes clubbing, I might not fit in the role. But, with the support of my team, I feel that I really grew in to the position and even managed to become one of our team leaders, helping other members in the same position I was once in. AIC is absolutely one the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my time at the UEA.

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