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The Parent and Carers Network is here to help you feel supported during your time at university.


The Parent and Carers Network is here to help you during your time at uni. Here at UEA (SU), we want to ensure that you feel supported and that you feel like you’re a part of something bigger and know that you’re not the only ones that are trying to juggle and balance your studies with other responsibilities - there's loads of us! 

Not only will you find support from us, but you will also find support and develop friendships amongst students that you're able to relate to. This is a place where you get notified of events specifically designed for yourself and your families, as well as other Union activities. We will be running convenient meetups on campus and online as well. The union is always interested in your suggestions and feedback on how we can make your university experience better. 

As your Students' Union, we want to make everybody’s university experience the best that it can be, and we mean everyone! We have great plans to assist student parents, so be sure to keep an eye on this page and our Facebook group for more information. 

Let’s make your university experience the best it can possibly be - join us on your journey. 


If you have any questions questions about the Parents and carers network then please don't hesitate to email  Ancha Joof [email protected]