Disability History Month

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What is Disability History Month?

Disability History Month is an annual event celebrated from the 18th November to the 20th December each year that looks at creating a platform to focus on disabled people’s struggle for equality and human rights.

It is important to recognise that disabled people have multiple identities, are sometimes members of other groups subjected to discriminatory practice, and that disability is diverse in nature in terms of the range and types of impairment that affect people e.g. Neuro-diverse, mental health issues, learning difficulty, physical, invisible and sensory impairments.

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What are it's aims?

Through Disability History month, we aim to:

  • Celebrate the experiences and achievements of disabled people.
  • Create greater understanding of the barriers in society that disabled people face.
  • Look at the history of how such barriers are fuelled by negative attitudes and customs, whilst reflecting on how far we have to go.
  • Develop and campaign on what needs to be changed for disabled people to achieve full equality in all areas of life.
  • Make equality a daily reality.


Drawing of a person in a wheelchair

In the Spotlight

Do you have someone in your life who inspires you and has a disability?

From the everyday experiences to the truly exceptional, we want to hear it!

This year, we will be shining a spotlight on your inspirational friends and loved ones. Get in touch via our socials or email us directly with their name, a photo and why they inspire you, and we'll feature them here and on our social channels!*

Contact us on:

*We will not publish any content without the expressed permission of the nominee. You can either provide written evidence of your nominee's permission, or provide us with their contact details and we will contact them directly to ensure we have permission before publishing.

Drawing of an elderly person with a walker

What's on?

Thu 18th November

UEA Students' Union Online Launch of Disability History Month
18th November 7pm - 9pm

Thu 2nd December

UEA Students' Union Makaton Workshop
2nd December 4pm - 5:30pm
Bookable Room 5
UEA Students' Union Signing Carols with Norfolk Makaton Tuition
2nd December 6pm - 7pm
Bookable Room 5

Mon 6th December

UEA Students' Union Disability History Month: Inclusive Sport Q&A Panel
6th December 6pm - 8pm
Lecture Theatre 3

Wed 8th December

UEA Students' Union Cancelled - Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution - Free Film Screening
8th December 5:45pm - 7:50pm
Lecture Theatre 2

Thu 9th December

Volleyball Sitting Volleyball Tournament
9th December 3pm - 5pm
Sportspark Halls 5
Disability history month takes place from the 18th Nov-20th December that looks to create a platform which focuses on the issues faced by those of us with disabilities. This year, we are raising awareness by hosting a sitting volleyball tournament!

Links and Resources

Check out our social media campaign for regular updates throughout Disability History Month!

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