thank you week

thank you week

our chance to say thank you

At the end of each academic year, we like to take the time to thank staff in University of East Anglia for their work to transform your education whilst studying. We also like to take the time to recognise all of our Course Reps, School Convenors and Faculty Convenors for their work representing you the student body, to the University on aspects of student experience relating to your education.

This past year has been extremely challenging and although we unfortunately can't hold an awards evening this year, we still want to thank staff in the University and the student representatives on your behalf for working to make this past academic year the best it could be.


Neil Ward

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) and Deputy Vice Chancellor

The teaching landscape over the last 18 months has been incredibly challenging for staff. UEA was relatively well-prepared, and ahead in some areas for online teaching, but no one had anticipated the scale of change our staff had to speedily make to ensure high quality learning could continue for students.


There have been real challenges for teaching practice, but UEA staff have shown great resilience and innovation and students have begun to see the impact of new methods on their overall satisfaction with learning. We really value the work of UEA staff and the partnership they continue to create with students to help develop a better experience for all. To all teaching staff at UEA, an enormous Thank You!

Emma Sutton

Pro-Vice Chancellor Student Experience and Education

This year has been really challenging for all in the student community. I am continually impressed by the resilience of UEA Students’ and the determination they have shown in adapting to a new normal for learning and teaching and progressing in their studies. Alongside this, we have seen course reps and convenors show real strength of character and leadership in their schools and faculties.

The importance of the student voice is greater than ever and our ability to hear and respond to it has been really helped through the work of faculty forums, SSLCs and the work of reps across the campus. Their collaborative working with academics really has had impact and enabled us to make the experience better for our students. To all course reps and convenors this year – Thank You!


Thank You: UEA Staff

Emma Ferris 


"Throughout this pandemic Emma has done some amazing work to make sure the speech and language therapy cohorts are still able to continue with placement by coming up with new innovative methods such as; creating a whole 4 week virtual placement within weeks and expanding her own business to take on a number of students and schools around the Norwich area. Without Emma many of us students may not have even been able to complete the year."

Catherine Heywood & Nicola Moore 


"Catherine and Nicola are the absolute dream team. They co-teach the year 3 cardiology pharmacy module and it is the best by far. They have risen to the challenge of online teaching due to covid with aplomb. They are supportive, so approachable and really genuinely care about their students. The workshops provided are informative, useful and well led, and the screencasts (lectures) are always to a high quality. They really make the module brilliant, especially as two Pharmacists who also work on the frontline. I can't shout about them enough!! Pharmacy School you are very lucky to have Catherine and Nicola."

David Girling 


"For going above and beyond in helping me throughout the past three years and always taking the time to listen to my crazy ideas and thought processes. You have inspired me to never stop pushing for more opportunities. Without this member of staff, I probably wouldn't be where I am now or half as confident. Your teaching skills are unmatched at enaging a room and if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have ended up at UEA as the open day drew me in through your passionate teaching."

Casper Laing Ebbensgaard 


"Casper's running of his module this year was flawless and he encouraged students to stay involved and motivated all the way to the end. He is a perfect example of a staff member who cares about students and will go out of their way to aid their success."

Tom Hargreaves 


"Gone above and beyond in lectures and fully transfer his lectures to an online setting. Making them the most engaging and entertaining I have had at university."

Kelly Walker 


"She has been so loving, kind and understanding about the circumstances I was going through, and I couldn't be more grateful for all her help in making my final year go as smoothly as possible."

Tom Storr 


"Helping to deal with a wide variety of issues raised within the Chemistry SSLC meetings, including keeping good communication, providing advice and making sure everyone is heard. All of this whilst making sure the agenda is dealt with as best as can be from his position as faculty co-chairman of the Chemistry SSLC."

Mark Hobbs 


"Thanks for going above & beyond, especially during the pandemic"

Katie McLaughlin 


"I would love to thank Katie for the support she has provided me since September 2020 when I started the Adult Nursing Bsc Programme.

Katie right from the get go has been there for me through every tear I have shed and always understands me and my ways of thinking, and guided me to get the diagnosis I needed within SPLD assessments - she has always understood.

Katie’s support has helped me to grow in confidence, and I feel she has helped me to shape an exciting beginning of my pre-registration journey into nursing. I am so grateful that not only is she one of our amazing lecturers, she is my PA which I am forever thankful for.

I know that because of Katie I will make it through this degree and have every confidence that I will do well - because I know that’s if I have any bumps in the road that Katie will be there to help get me through.

Thank you Katie!"

Agnieszka Bates 


"Agnieszka has been truly inspiring. Not only have her sessions been engaging but she has also provided brilliant support and feedback that has really guided my learning while encouraging me to take ownership of my work. She is a phenomenal educator and I appreciate her greatly!"

Dr Jane Hibberd 


"I would like to thank Jane for consistently striving to improve student experience in such a passionate and knowledgeable way. Jane is huge part of why I became a course representative and am now applying for a future role within the SU. I can’t wait to be able to use the valuable things she has taught me in my own HSC practice and my future leadership roles. Truly thankful for her continued support!"

Holly Brown - SpLD Tutor 


"They have helped me so much with dyslexia. Every 2-4 weeks, we would meet to talk about anything to help me with my disability. They have helped me to believe in myself more and become a more improved version. I used to think that my dyslexia would completely hold me back and that I would always be 10 steps behind everyone else. But the support I have received from Holly, from looking at my work feedback to assisting me with scheduling my day has helped me more than anyone can imagine. Holly has been very reassuring and dedicated to helping me in all ways. I don't think they understand how much they truly help me but I am very grateful for them. Although I will always have dyslexia, with every meeting with Holly, I know I will at least take a few steps forward to a better me."

Brian Reid 


"Brian is my advisor and although we haven't exactly established the most comprehensive student-advisor relationship throughout my undergrad, just knowing that someone is always willing to talk regardless of the issues is a very comforting feeling. It is even somewhat a regret of mine that I haven't spoken to Brian more often as he is a great advisor for a number of reasons. He is patient, welcoming, accommodating and a real down-to-earth character that gave honest and helpful advise when I needed it. So, thanks very much Brian."

Judi Walsh 


"Has been a really supportive advisor and has always managed to reassure me and make me feel confident in my ability to do things. She also adapted really well to online teaching by giving an amazing module that was interesting and very engaging. It was clear she is passionate about her topic and is also passionate about making students learn"

Kirstin Smith 


"Kirstin has played a really important part in leading and advocating for the decolonising work of drama students and staff over the last year. In addition to this, her seminars are really engaging and organised, with incredibly diverse and exciting reading lists and performances to study."

Jason Lines 


"His ability to understand where a student might go wrong even before they have gone wrong is perfect for understanding any module he teaches and his quickness to respond to emails from students is highly appreciated."

Sarah Jenkins 


"She was incredibly professional and supportive during topics which were triggering for me. She always made sure that I wasn’t missing any key information for the module and remained present wherever the topic was mentioned."

Nikos Skoutaris 


"For maintaining a high level of teaching throughout the pandemic, providing us with recordings that felt like real lectures! Genuinely inspiring and motivating throughout the EU module, we were very lucky!"

Avidan Kent 


"For maintaining a high level of teaching and facilitating intriguing and stimulating seminars even in a virtual classroom. For being considerate and patient with us as students and encouraging us to really engage with the content."

Julia Robathan 


"Thank you for all the continuous support and encouragement, you help me see things clearly even when I think everything is hazy!"

Vivien Easson and Alastair Grant 

PGR Service

"They have been supporting not only me but also the other staff and PGRs to make our lives better at UEA"

Steve Russell 


"I would like to thank Steve for his undivided support and wisdom throughout this year. The module People and Place, which he led in Semester 1, has totally inspired my learning in DEV. Through engaging and thoughtful content, I have been able to come to understand how I want to be involved within International Development after my time at UEA has finished. He has been so helpful in answering my emails and queries regarding assignments and life after UEA, despite having an extremely busy schedule. So I really just want to say thank you for all he has done and for really making this final year seem so interesting and relevant, despite COVID."

Prof Susanne Lindqvist MED 


"Susanne has been so supportive of UEA InterProfessional Education Society. Her guidance and enthusiasm has been amazing; she goes above and beyond to ensure that students feel valued and heard. She has provided advice, resources and so much time to help us to grow. Thank you Susanne."

Ros Boar 


"Adapted her module 'Aquatic Ecology' for COVID ensuring everyone was included and each lecture was given with enthusiasm encouraging students to peruse the topic further. Throughout the module she inspired students to produce high quality work and was a friendly and approachable lecturer who gave numerous opportunities for support outside of scheduled teaching hours through drop in Q and A sessions"

Helen James 


"she is kind and has always helped me when i asked for it"

Spyros Themelis 


"Firstly, Spyros classes were so interesting and so engaging, they were the highlight of my first semester at uni. Spyro was always really helpful regarding any questions I had about any content and also very encouraging in his teaching where even though we had classes online we still had a community feel throughout the module.

Also Spyro has asked me to participate in a book review symposium for his latest publication. This is an opportunity I never thought I would receive, well not at least until I was further down the path of my academic career. To be asked to do such a thing is an honour and it really shows that Spyro is here to help students and he isn't just an academic but he is an educator which is so crucial in modern society. We need more educators in academia and not just academics who seek to deliver a syllabus to students.

For these reasons I would like to thank Spyro for everything he has done so far this year and I look forward to collaborating with him in the future (as I will be at UEA for another two years!)"

David Mead 


"David has been an excellent advisor. When I first transferred to UEA, I was terrified and meeting him put me at ease. Then when I was facing bad mental health issues and medication changes, David helped me every step of the way in getting extensions and just generally helping me find ways to cope and organise my academic work. He is an exemplary advisor!!!"

Dr Thomas Karshan 


"Dr Thomas Karshan led the Ludic Literature module. This was an exceptional module, both in content and organisation. His remarkably detailed and precise weekly plans, encouraging us to do the work collaboratively ahead of the class, and his encouragement that we get to know each other made the class incredibly effective and fostered a terrific sense of teamwork in learning. It made us friends as well as colleagues. If all classes were like this, we would not only be better learners; we would respect each other as fellow researchers. Collegial spirit is a key aspect of effective higher education and this module proved this."

Shaun Stevens 


"As well as being a great lecturer and head of school for the entire time I have known Shaun, he’s also been no stranger to going above and beyond in helping students out either with academic advice or with other issues such as personal issues which may be affecting studies.

Shaun truly is a model lecturer and his regards for students’ needs make him simply brilliant. Thank you, Shaun — for everything."

Dr Louise Ewing 


"She has been an amazing and really supportive third year project supervisor. Not only has she been really reassuring but she has also shown me that often I do know the answer and therefore has given me more confidence in my abilities"

Dr Jo Bower 


"Jo has run an amazing new module this year. It has been so interesting and engaging and I really enjoyed the lectures"

Anshuman Mondal 


"I would like to thank this member of staff not only because he taught me my favourite module this year, but he was also extremely supportive of mine and others in my seminar's creativity & opinions. Every seminar felt like a safe space to express myself and I'm really grateful to Anshu because I think he was a big factor as to why such a nice environment was even created in the first place."

Claire Hynes 


"I'd like to thank this member of staff because I see how hard they work all year round and how deserving of recognition she is! She's been like a mentor to me this year and I am incredible grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a lovely and kind staff member"

Dr Neil Cooper 


"Neil has done lots for the school this year through running the FSSF meetings. He has been a fantastic chair and taken any points students have raised seriously and fully addressed them"

Tom Roebuck 


"I would like to thank this member of staff because of how friendly, uplifting and supportive he is. Working with him this year has been really nice, as he always makes you feel listened to!"

Kamena Henshaw 


"Kamena has been really helpful and supportive throughout my time as convenor. She has replied to queries really quickly and offered guidance when I have needed it. She cares a lot about the school and the students in it and goes out of her way to help them"

Dr Nicholas Walsh 


"Nick has provided students with so much support and guidance regarding the third year projects. His lectures have been really helpful along with his answers on the discussion board, and gave me a lot of confidence with my project"

Scott Steward-Smith 


"Scott has been really helpful by organising all the SSLC meetings, sorting out the agenda and minutes and sending out the psy school bulletins. It has meant everything has gone smoothly and allowed for better communication in the school"

Tom Porter 


"Tom has been amazing this year, from being a really supportive advisor, to being a really interesting and engaging lecturer. He has made the students on our course feel like we're not alone and has been there for us every step of the way, being so hands on with teaching us. Thank you so much Tom! I don't know how many of us would have got through this year if it wasn't for you!"

Esther Glover 


"I would like to thank Esther for her amazing support and guidance throughout the course. She's supported us in every aspect both academically and socially to help make our course as smooth and enjoyable as possible."

Nathan Ashman 


"In what has been an incredibly tough year for all students the role of student representative has been more important than ever. For the voices to be heard it has been critical that LDC / UEA has had a professional person to keep this vital communication channel open.

Nathan Ashman has provided a consistently good-natured, enthusiastic and calm presence in this coordinating role throughout the 2020/21 academic year. It has a pleasure to work with Nathan in my role as a student representative for the MA creative writing poetry cohort.

Nathan has also coordinated a great set of LDC Club events on Wednesdays that have shown what an intellectually stimulating place to study UEA might have been were it not for the pandemic. I found the Graham Greene talk most enjoyable, but would like to particularly like to draw attention to the poetry translation session held on 5th May. That was good fun!

Nathan, Thank you for all your hard work. Greatly appreciated."

Tiffany Atkinson 


"I would like to thank Tiffany for bringing her energy and enthusiasm to poetry workshops. At times she has been almost climbing through the screen to engage with us. Her enthusiasm for poetry and poetics, her willingness to join in with the critiquing and respond to the ideas of the poets and the students critiquing their writing has made Tuesday afternoons since the start of the February term something to really enjoy.

Not everyone (at either end of the ether) has been able to adapt to the online teaching process, but Tiffany has proved that it need not be a barrier to enthusiasm and engaging discussion. Thank you."

Jos Smith 


"Jos has been absolutely the very best practitioner when it comes to the business of teaching online. He should be acknowledged for his preparedness and willingness to adapt and effectively teach (so much more than just survive) his module Poetics of Place this year. His practise should be used as a role model for all online teachers at UEA.

Jos also set up online study groups for his class. This provided a welcome way for students taking his module to connect with each other, another vital process, so badly missed during the pandemic year.

Finally, Jos has proved to be a supportive member of staff, who was willing and able to provide sensitive and professional advice to me at a time when the pressures of the post-Christmas lockdown were becoming over-whelming to me.

Thank you Jos."

Jeremy Noel-Tod 


"Jeremy, thank you for all those al fresco poetry appreciation sessions in all weathers in the autumn term. Your choice of poems and the discussions and insights that sprang from them made the cycle rides up to campus worth every rain-soaked moment!"

Matt Galagher 


"Matt has always been super helpful in providing academic support for the module, Topics in Public Opinion. In particular, he has always been engaged and available to offer assistance if we had any questions regarding the module. Always open to giving his time - his support does not go unnoticed. He is a great lecturer and has really encouraged me to grow in confidence over the course of the semester. Thank you Matt, you are a star!"

David Watson 


"Thank you for being my personal advisor and giving me lots of supports."

Elizabeth Cobbett 


"Elizabeth made my final year at UEA a great one. Her module on Africa discussed race and ethnicity openly, challenged the way we had been taught, encouraged true critical reflection and provided a safe space. As a BAME student she made me feel accepted, seen and more confident which, I had not felt in my previous years at UEA. I want to say a big Thank You for providing a space for important discussion."

Kevan Williams 


"Best courses out of the lot have both been ran by him"

"I'd like to say Big Thank You to Kevan as l believe his classes were so interactive. He made us all comfortable to be able to express our opinions on business Qs. Each class we were involved and commented what is happening around us. Its really eye opening."

Keiko Nishioka 


"This member of staff has continued to provide support to me and all of my classmates during the lockdown period, being extremely dedicated to ensure we get the best grades possible, through her tireless efforts."

Dr Rianne Lord and Professor Simon Lancaster 


"Dr Lord - Been instrumental in my choices for following my degree, amazing and consistent support throughout my final year research project and inspired me for continuing in science.

Professor Lancaster - Been the most supportive personal advisor for four years, brilliant guidance and always had confidence in me."

Akiko Tomatsuri 


"This member of staff has been very helpful in offering constructive feedback for assignments, as well as being incredibly supportive with student rep projects."

Stephanie Jong 


"I would like to thank Steph for all the work she has done working on the inclusive curriculum project in health sciences. This is something really important and necessary, and it's great to see her working towards a necessary change especially in health sciences. I believe Steph deserves a thank you for all the dedication she is giving to this project."

Chi-Hé Elder 


"During the unprecedented times of living and attending university during a pandemic Chi-He, as my adviser, has helped me to great extent in feeling supported educationally and emotionally. This was during some of the most difficult months, enabling me to continue with seeing through my educational time at UEA."

"Chi-He has been extremely supportive to me these last two years whilst she has been my tutor. She has gone out of her way to help me in situations where most would not. With little actions such as reaching out to me and checking I am okay when I was going through a tough time and also helping me with my extenuating circumstances situations. We have had catch up meetings often where she has helped me however i have needed. Furthermore, her teaching of the module 'Language in Action' has been extremely interesting and her style of teaching is great.

Thank you Chi-He"

Ulrike Theuerkauf 


"Dr. Uli's classes were very insightful and engaging."

Emma van haren 


"My journey with UEA started in the beginning of this year and it was with Emma we had our first conversation. She is so kind and polite in addressing our issues. Emma has a solution to every problem we had. She laid the way pretty much clear for us in times of worry. So I would take this opportunity and moment to thank Emma for all her efforts. After all she is like a dear friend to all of us."

Sophie Butler 


"I want to say thank you to Sophie for being such an amazing lecturer and dissertation supervisor! She has made my experience of working on my dissertation during such a difficult time to be a student much easier. In a nutshell, I want to say a huge thank you to Sophie for always being encouraging and supportive while also gently guiding me down the right path of thinking when I am potentially going off in the wrong direction with my ideas.

She was a lovely lecturer to have as a seminar leader when I was a second year student on one of her modules. But over the past few months, Sophie has been remarkable as a dissertation supervisor, and a shining example of how lecturers should work with students. I am so glad that I picked her to be my dissertation supervisor, thank you Sophie for making what has been a difficult year a bit easier."

Elizabeth Davison 

"Elizabeth has done an extra ordinary job this year especially in leading the healthcare assistant (HCA) project, which is mandatory for all Gateway to medicine students and voluntory for year 1 MB BS students. The work involved to co-ordinate Community Trusts and Care Homes in the midst of the pandemic was challenging and then to ensure that all students could be trained on campus before Easter when we had to make sure all had qPCR tests, facemasks and social distancing. Following that students went out to their placements working afew shifts as HCAs. As you can imagine, the patients and residents were delighted to see students after having been enclosed without visitors for a very long time. Liz's planning, patience and hard work over long hours well beyond her contractual hours showed her 100% committment to her role at UEA and making sure our students gets the best teaching experience no matter what. I have worked with Liz for nearly 20 years now and she simply just go from strength to strength that way in which she works with our students, which is why I would like to express my heartfelt "ThankYou" to LIz for making this project happen for our students. I know they are truly grateful and so am I."

Emily Cockayne 


"Throughout the entirety of my witchcraft module Milly’s seminars have been the most engaging, enjoyable and active I have ever been to. All students get involved in the seminar and are actively encouraged, it’s a thriving environment that everyone enjoys. Her teaching is second to none and is the best I’ve received by far in my first year at UEA. Throughout the exam / coursework period Milly was so unbelievably supportive, her emails are encouraging whilst understanding and comforting. She has amazing advice for students currently facing deadlines, specifically about looking after mental health and seeing the bigger picture. I cannot thank her enough for my experience on this module and with her as a teacher overall, she is one of a kind."

Dr Mark Blyth 


"Mark has been my dissertation supervisor this year but I have had regular contact with him over the last four years. I wanted to thank Mark for going above and beyond this year in supporting me academically and looking out for my well-being. This year has been particularly tough for me for a variety of reasons so having such a supportive supervisor has kept me going and I am near completion of my course. It has been a pleasure working with him and he has helped make my time on the Mathematics course so fulfilling and enjoyable."

Scott Summers 


"Always going above and beyond every week. Providing a weekly podcast to recap learning from the lectures. Think this is great as students who miss the lecture don't get a recording, get a podcast to listen to. Always being supper supportive and responding to emails, but posting responses on yammer groups so all student can see answers given."

Christopher Tripp 


"I don't know if he's a student rep, but he works in LTS and I just wanted to say a ginormous thank you to him. Throughout all of March I was trying to change to a new course and I am going to be totally honest, it wasn't the most straightforward path to get there. For 5 weeks I was being told several different things by several different members of staff and it was really frustrating. However I was passed on to Chris after speaking to Laura Camfield and the issue was resolved so swiftly. I just want to commend Chris and Laura for their efforts in making it possible for me to switch my degree."

Thank You: Student Reps and Convenors

Special thanks to all Course Reps and Convenors from uea(su)

This past academic year has been the most unusual in recent history with students facing not only a pandemic outside of studies, but also so many changes to their academic life at UEA. Both the University and Students' Union have been asking for student voice and feedback on teaching, learning and students experience throughout this year, asking more than ever from our Course Reps and School and Faculty Convenors. Their work to go above and beyond in order to represent the student voice and opinion has been exceptional and invaluable. Thank you to all students who have taken time to be a Course Rep and School or Faculty Convenor this academic year!

Sophie White

PHA - School Convenor

"During a particular challenging year, Sophie has been so dedicated to helping pharmacy students get their voices heard. As a result of her persistence, she influenced the school to record workshops for students to listen back to. She is approachable, driven and has really tried to drive the role forward- making great links with the SU. Thank you Sophie!"

"Sophie has made a real difference in terms of growing both staff and student engagement with developing IPL at UEA. As PHA School Convenor she has built a good relationship with School staff and has done a fantastic job of communicating and representing the views of her peers. Thank you Sophie!"

Steph Day

HSC - Course Rep

"Steph has worked really hard in this turbulent year to make sure that everyone is represented. She is attentive and a really good listener and her students have said this time and time again."

Ruby rae

ENV - School Convenor

"Representing our year during the tough times covid has presented us, being a key part of the drive to getting us an extension on our dissertations which I am very grateful for. Always listening to any worries people on our course have had and being very proactive in making sure our year have the best experience we can."

"Been so on it with answering questions from everyone on course is proactive when sorting issues out. Put a lot of time and effort into her role with the proper recognition."

"I truly have never seen an individual give themselves to a role like Ruby. She is always active in the school chat we have online, constantly helping anyone and everyone until they have been heard. It is almost inspiring and I cannot begin to contemplate how she manages her time. I have spoken to her a number of times with various queries and she replies quickly and really makes you feel like you aren't just another student or student number for that matter. Obviously I cannot speak for others, but how she has helped me is unquantifiable and this message alone will never do her justice. She has been a titan for the school and I'll be sure to look out for her in the future when she inevitably pops up in the headlines. Thank you so much Ruby."

"Ruby has been the ENV School Convenor this past year. In difficult circumstances she has been exemplary in acting as link between the ENV student body and the School. This has included bringing items for discussion at the SSLC and liaising with me (as our Student Partnership Officer) to highlight other student concerns and helping to resolve issues. She has shown initiative, commitment and tact - we are very grateful for all she has done."

Jocelyn Ho and Sophia Smith

HSC - Course Reps

"Loved working with her as a course rep and am grateful for all the times we have helped and lent one another a hand."

Harpreet Panesar

CHE - Course Rep

"Joining the Chemistry SSLC as a first year rep, which is already a little nerve-wracking, but then proceeding to gain a well spread collection of opinions from first year Chemistry students which the SSLC had been trying to do for some time. She took to the role quickly and effectively and used her previous experience to good extent."

Dzifa Williams

LDC - Faculty Convenor

"Keeping me up to date with what's happening within the faculty and leading the Faculty Student Forum alongside Francisco"

Kaiah Rush

HSC - Course Rep

"I would love to thank Kaiah for the support she has provided me within the student rep role which we have been doing together since last year. Kaiah is such an approachable, kind and supportive person and as a student rep her door is always open and the cohort are always reminded of that. She has always been a listening ear and is never judgemental, everyone needs a Kaiah in their life and I’m grateful I’ve got to share this journey so far with her and I hope to continue the S20 Adult Nursing Rep role with her into the next academic year. Thank you Kaiah for everything you have done to support me and the rest of the cohort. My confidence has grown since knowing you and I am forever grateful."

Jude Salaymeh

BIO - School Convenor

"Jude has been amazing to work with and has gone out of her way to help work towards making BIO more accessible to NAT students. Thanks Jude!"

"She has been an amazing at her job. She is always constantly encouraging ourselves to become better and get involved. She has definitely helped everyone feel include in BIO and made everyone feel happy to be apart of a team. She has amazing management skills and I can see her going very far. I just want to say Thank you for being an inspirational person and being a role model of what anyone can achieve if they believe in themselves."

"Jude took on the role of School Convenor this year for BIO. As a school we don't have as strong a link to the student union as other schools, and promoting engagement and recruitment for SSLC can be difficult. Jude has applied herself to this role with a commitment and enthusiasm that is to be admired. She is constantly developing new ways to help promote the committee, including using fliers for Instagram, promoting and developing Discord servers and going above and beyond to organise, motivate and support other Course Reps. Jude has recognised the feelings of isolation which can develop when remote learning and has used the SSLC as a force for good in promoting academic and social online forums including Discord and helping set up "Study with me" group sessions. She has also been key in helping to raise the profile of Equality and Diversity work in the school."

"She goes far and beyond for everyone in bio and deserves congratulations"

Letty Hills

HSC - Course Rep

"I would like to thank Letty for being an amazing fellow course representative. Working together to improve Physio and OT courses alike and create peer assisted support and learning spaces has been super eye opening. Letty is really easy to work with and creative in her thinking, I look forward to hopefully working with her in the future!"

Phoebe Hill

PSY - Course Rep

"Has been a fantastic first year course rep and has also attended the FSSF meetings and contributed showing dedication to the role and the school"

Jordan Lubega

CMP - School Convenor

"always ready to help"

"Jordan has been an amazing school convenor. He has connected all the course reps of the faculty together and supported us in our debates and issues during meetings with staff members."

Meg De Pasquale-Crighton

ENV - Faculty Convenor

"She has been working so hard to support not only her cohorts but also across the faculty. She has been showing the leadership in her role and helped many PGs through her work."

Afia Tajammal

HSC - School Convenor

"Afia has been an excellent School Convenor, always professionally presented and keen to embrace new ideas. Afia has also Chaired the SSLC and did this to a very high standard. Thank you Afia."

Charlie Harvey

HSC - School Convenor

"Charlie has been an excellent School Convenor - always ready and willing to embrace new ideas. Charlie works very hard and I am proud to work alongside him. Thank you Charlie!"

Rachel Nicholson

HSC - Course Rep

"Thank you Rachel for all that you do for the OTDA programme and your attendance at the SSLC. You are an excellent Student Rep."

Krasimira Vasileva

HSC - Course Rep

"Thank you for all your hard work to date as a student rep for the OTDA programme Kristina. Your effervescent personality is a true inspiration for us all."

Adriel Fung

MED - Faculty Convenor

"Well done Adriel on your excellent role as Faculty Convenor. Your calm disposition is an inspiration for all students and staff."

Moe Suzuki


"Although she's busy with working on her research, she always gives us useful advice when we are not aware. She also offers a help to support our students. Without her, I would've not been able to help some issues fully."

Becca Morrison

DEV - School Convenor

"We would like to thank Becca Morrison, School Convenor in DEV, for her outstanding contribution to the School community and for representing students in DEV with such dedication and passion. Throughout her time with us as a course rep and then convenor, Becca has been responsive and collegiate, working professionally with academic staff, course reps and the Student Union. These qualities have particularly shone through in the last academic year, when university life and studies have been impacted by Covid - having Becca work with us in supporting students and responding to their concerns has been invaluable. We will really miss having Becca as School Convenor and we wish her all the best for life after graduating. From: Laura Camfield, Head of School; Sophie Bremner, Student Partnership Officer and Rob Grant, Teaching Director"

"always makes sure she bring issues up and resolves them. She makes sure that my issues as an international student are just as important. She (along with a few other DEV students) helped push for a safety net for us this year. Honestly wish she was UG officer next year cause she would be fantastic."

Jared Carpenter

MTH - School Convenor

"Jared has been a course rep for as long as I have known him, and this year he took on the role of MTH school convenor. He has been an absolutely wonderful convenor and his kind-heartedness makes him such an amazing person to know. Jared is a true friend to everyone in MTH and he has gone above and beyond in a lot of cases to help others out and he always puts the needs of others before those of himself. Jared, you’re amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing."

Anoushka Hirani

PSY - Course Rep

"Anoushka has been a great first year rep, contributed in SSLC's and shown passion about the course"

Grace Tate

PSY - Course Rep

"Grace has been a great first year rep, raised some good points in SSLCs and has been a valuable part of the Psychology course rep team"

Zoe Callow

LDC - School Convenor

"I would like to thank this student representative because of how helpful, hardworking and attentive she is! She has been an amazing leader for all of the student representatives and I'm grateful that she was school convenor this year!"

"Zoe has stuck at her role, (even now I am not entirely sure what it is and how it is supposed to fit into the UEA network), leading student representative discussions in LDC while working through her final year of undergraduate studies. Zoe has carried out this chairing role calmly and professionally. She has responded positively to every enquiry asked of her and is genuinely committed to sharing knowledge and developing understanding of issues so that workable solutions to problems facing students and staff at UEA can be agreed. Thank you Zoe."

Jenifer Malheiro Da Silva

PSY - Course Rep

"Jenifer has been a great first year course rep. She contributes in the SSLCs, raising some great points and shows a desire for wanting to help other students"

Lydia De'ath

PSY - Course Rep

"Lydia has been a fantastic first year rep. She contributes in SSLCs and has played a massive role in organising the study sessions for the other first years which have helped lots of other students"

Owen Heyward

PSY - Course Rep

"Owen has been a great first year rep, who has attended SSLCs and additional meetings. He cares about he school and implementing positive changes"

Hetty Cliss

LDC - Course Rep

"As my fellow student representative on MA CW poetry, Hetty has helped to bring a balance and perspective to the work of student representation this year. With Hetty beside me, it has been possible for me to approach the role of student representative with confidence that between us, she and I have represented our fellow students' views fairly and proportionately. Thank you Hetty."

Chukwualasu Uyaebo

NBS - Course Rep

"Great service"

Becky Matheson

NBS - Course Rep

"Becky has been a business management course rep for all 3 years of her degree (I was a course rep for one of those years alongside her). She is always very committed to attending the meeting and contributing ideas and thoughts. She has been very proactive seeing ideas through to action and making sure positive changes were to positively impact her peers. She always wanted to make sure everyone on her course was okay and help them in anyway possible through the SSLC and I think she deserves some recognition for it!"

Dan Siddorn

PPL - School Convenor

"They have been great in their new role, and really done well to communicate with the network of PPL reps between and during SSLC meetings, making sure that everyone's voice is heard."

Amelia Archdeacon

HSC - Course Rep

"Amelia has been a fantastic course representative of the second year Occupational Therapy BSc students in the School of Health Sciences. In their communication with me as module organiser, Amelia has listened to feedback provided by her cohort, summarised key elements from this, and has brought this forward to me in a professional, polite, and effective manner. Amelia has dedicated time to working with me on suggestions to best improve teaching moving forward, both for her cohort, and for 2021/22 academic year. Amelia is generous with her time, and has been thorough in her communication both to me, and back to her cohort. I want to thank Amelia for her efforts, time, and support throughout the module."

Shay Jordan

MTH - Course Rep

"Shay deserves a big thank you for going beyond the call of duty in his roll as a Mathematics Year 3 course representative. Having such a diligent course rep has made my job as School Convenor for Mathematics so much easier. Shay cares deeply about issues that his fellow course mates have and he will make an excellent Convenor next year."