The SU is run by students through democratic processes. Any student can get involved and across the SU there are over 500 positions you can take up.

The Student Officer Committee of the Union (SOC) are responsible for the day-to-day decisions and direction that the Union takes. They also lead campaigns and every day push for change on students’ behalf.

The Union has a Board of Trustees which is legally responsible for making sure that the Union remains here long into the future. This means they may occasionally take legal, commercial or human resources decisions that cannot be overruled by students. The External Trustees, provide a voice on the Board that is independent of the Officers.

The Full Time Officers also meet as Management Committee which is a sub-committee of the Trustee Board. Management Committee takes the technical decisions involved in running the organisation.

There are also lots of other bodies coordinating specific things:

  • Development and Oversight Boards look after the SU's Social Enterprises
  • The Sports Exec looks after Sports Clubs
  • The Societies Collective Cooridnates the work of Societies
  • There are assemblies for International and Postgraduate Students
  • There are caucuses for BME students, Women, LGBT+ Students and Students with Disabilities 


The chart below shows our governance structure: