Transforming Education Awards

Say Thank You

At the end of each academic year, we like to take the time to thank staff in University of East Anglia for their work to transform your education whilst studying. We also like to take the time to recognise all of our Course Reps, School Convenors and Faculty Convenors for their work representing you the student body, to the University on aspects of student experience relating to your education. 

This past year has been extremely challenging and although we unfortunately can't hold an awards evening this year, we still want to thank staff in the University and the student representatives on your behalf for working to make this past academic year the best it could be. So for 2021, the Transforming Education Awards brings to you "Say Thank You Week" from Tuesday 25th May until Friday 28th May. 

Between now and May 14th, we will be asking you as students to say thank you to staff in the University and the student representatives to say Thank you!

For this you may want to think about the following:

  • Has there been an academic who has been experimental in how they teach you this year?

  • Have they inspired you in your education?

  • Has your Course Rep, School or Faculty Convenor pushed for change to resolve issues you and your cohort faced this year? 

  • Has a member of staff in one of the professional services helped you to access resources whilst away from campus - or perhaps helped you through processes to gain more help or support this year?

Just a couple of the things to consider whilst submitting your messages.  To submit, simply complete the form below and keep an eye out for the "Say Thank You Week" at the end of May!