making friends

Making friends 

Have you not found anything in common with your flatmates or perhaps you are struggling to meet people on your course?

A number of students are feeling exactly how you currently are and this is why we are launching the UEA Your Way campaign during Welcome Week (3rd - 10th February 2021)!

This campaign will highlight the many opportunities available to you to meet other students. It is NEVER too late in the academic year to meet new people and make friends at University. Make sure you look at our social media throughout this week as we will be highlighting lots of the opportunities, shining a spotlight on the activities some of our student groups do and lots of events you can join in on. 

Here are our social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter



Here are just some of the ways this semester you can meet other students at UEA, make meaningful friendships and get connected. 


Join a Club or Society

There are 200+ clubs and societies you can get involved with. There is an activity for everyone and they are running online sessions for you to get involved with. Sign up for one of their events or reach out to them either via one of their social media platforms or email to ask any questions you might have! Club and societies have friendly committees and welcome members no matter the time of the year! You can view all the clubs and societies we have here

Online events

There are lots of events throughout the year that you can get involved with. You can view these on our event page where we have got a range of events to support students to meet each other. 

Academic communities 

Check out the newly launched Education Hub for your one-stop-shop for resources and support. Whether you're looking for study guides, career advice, representation or support, we've got you covered. the Education Hub brings together all the resources you need to get the most out of your course. 

You can also check out our amazing academic societies who run a range of activities.You may also like to get in touch with your course rep or school convenors to see if your school is putting on any activities. 


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Peer support 

If you are struggling and you would benefit from some peer support from other students in a safe space, you may want to sign up to one of our online peer support sessions. These are the peer support networks we currently have:

  • International Students
  • Mature students
  • Students that would like to talk about their gender Identity
  • Students that would like to talk about their Sexuality
  • Students with a disability
  • Care leavers & estranged students*
  • First Generation* & UEA Bursary students 

You can find out if peer support is right for you and sign up for a session here

There are also peer support groups that are student-led such as Pride, Mature students peer support group and Nightline!

Volunteering and peer mentoring

Volunteering is a great way to meet other UEA students and develop your skills for future employment. You can view all our current opportunities on our volunteer pages. Career Central has also got a range of different volunteering opportunities that you can view here.

Our buddy scheme is currently recruiting 350 volunteers to support new students make the most of their time at UEA. You can find out more here. If you enjoy helping others and want to build your communication skills, you can sign up as a volunteer here