Faith and Spirituality

As an SU, we represent all our students and we strive to create a safe and accessible campus for students of all faiths and spirituality’s. We have a close relationship with the Multi-Faith Centre and we want to work with our students to stamp our all forms of discrimination and bigotry. That is why we are creating this dedicated space, so students can come together and learn about other faiths and religions.

With the current political climate, made more toxic by Brexit and the US Presidential election of Donald Trump, we are witnessing a rise in hate crimes and xenophobia.

That is why our Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer is soon publishing a Multi-Faith Guide, to make our Student Union more accessible to students and show them how to get more involved. We are also setting up ‘Multi-Faith Working Groups’ open to all students of faith to come together and discuss issues, and find out what the Student Union can do for them. These are taking place on 25th January, 8th March and 19th April in Bookable Room 2 at 5pm.

Faith Societies

At UEA we seek to build a multi-faith and multi-spirutality community where people of all faiths, all spirutalities and none can feel safe, welcomed and free to practice their faith. We have societies for many different faiths:

Multi-Faith Centre

The University runs a Multi-Faith Centre, which provides a safe space for students of all faiths and all spirutalities as well as a large variety of events.

Click here for a PDF showing the Multi-Faith Centre's events in 2016-17.

The Multi-Faith Centre is also holding the following events:

1. Celtic Worship on Wed 9th November 1.05 to 1.30 MFC Worship room.

2. Advent Carols on Wed 30th November 1.05 to 1.30 MFC Worship room.

3. Ash Wednesday on Wed 1st March 1.05 to 1.30 MFC Worship room.