Queer Prom: You are all royalty!

Thursday 25 February 2021, 7am - 10pm

At home, in your flat, wherever you live and with whoever you live with

This LGBT+ History Month you are ALL Queer Prom Royalty!

For this weeks flativity we challenge you to create your own jewellery, crown and rainbow background for your at home Queer Prom photoshoot! 

One you have made your set, and your props, take a picture together with your housemates and send it to us on the SU Instagram or Facebook pages! 

Terms and conditions:

* You will need to participate with a minimum of two people

* Individual entries will not be considered as this is an activity designed to bring people together and done as a group

* As this is an activity with a competition element, a prize will only be given out if there is 3 entries or more each week

* £50 deliveroo voucher is for entries where 4 or more members of the household participated (this can include children under the age of 18 i.e. a family with children)

* Prizes for households with under 4 participants will receive a voucher of £10 per participant

* Participants must be from the same household or social bubble

* Participants must be from the same household

* Your submitted entry picture must contain your winning entry along with the members of your household in order for us to verify the number of participants