Disability history month talk from Emeka Nnaka

Tuesday 08 December 2020, 5pm - 7pm

Facebook Live

What is Disability History Month and what are its aims?

Disability History Month is an annual event celebrated from the 18th November to the 20th December each year that looks at creating a platform to focus on disabled people’s struggle for equality and human rights.

Throughout Disability History Month it is important to recognise that disabled people have multiple identities, are sometimes members of other groups subjected to discriminatory practice, and that disability is diverse in nature in terms of the range and types of impairment that affect people e.g. Neuro-diverse, mental health issues, learning difficulty, physical, invisible and sensory impairments. 


Don't miss out on our big event!

For this year's main event we're delighted to announce a Facebook Live talk from advocate and motivational speaker Emeka Nnaka! You won't need to book a place, so just make sure to be on our Facebook page from 5pm on Dec 8th to take part. To keep on top of the rest of our Disability History Month activities you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates, or you can check out our events page here on our website. 

Facebook Live Event