Outreach volunteering in schools and community

What does volunteering in schools/community involve?

There are lots of different opportunities to volunteer in schools and the community. You can do this by creating your own student-led workshop or by getting involved with one of the existing activities. You have the opportunity to work with young people in reception up to sixth form students and be a positive role model. 

Outreach exists to help give young people the opportunity to access higher education. However, Outreach specifically targets those young people from under-represented backgrounds within higher education. There are lots of different groups of people who are under-represented within HE. For example:

  • students from areas of low higher education participation, low household income or low socioeconomic status
  • some black, Asian and minority ethnic students
  • mature students
  • disabled students
  • care leavers
  • carers

Why will this benefit me?

  • First-hand experience working with young people is beneficial for any student looking to do this once graduating.
  • Grow your skills and confidence for your future employability, these might include time management, communications, resilience, presentation skills and more!
  • Positively impacting lives, by raise awareness and educating young people on important topics or activities. 
  • You can log your hours with the UEA Award. By doing this, you can see exactly how you’ve developed during your time at UEA, which will make you really attractive to employers. What’s more, you can get rewards for taking part in the UEA award.

You can see our volunteering policy here 

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