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Students of Colour Ambassadors 2021

updates from our Students of Colour Ambassador 



Thu 30 Sep 2021

Hi from Jea Lee, your PHA SOC Ambassador!

  I applied with a passion for building a more inclusive environment for students of colour. From a previous project...
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Mon 27 Sep 2021

Hi from the School of Pharmacy SOC Ambassador Esther!

  I applied for the student of colour ambassador role because as a student of colour, I know first-hand...
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Hi from Clarris, your Student of Colour ambassadors for Norwich medical school

  'My name is Clarris and I’m one of the Student of Colour ambassadors for Norwich medical...
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Thu 13 Feb 2020

Hello from School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing BAME Ambassadors

Aimee Ibarra When I started studying at UEA a year ago, I realised that both the discipline of English Literature...
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Hello from Norwich Medical School BAME Ambassadors

Louisa Sowah Quarshie - [email protected] I was motivated to apply for this position...
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