Tygers of Pan Tang

Thursday 03 February 2022, 7pm - 11pm

The Waterfront Studio

tickets are subject to a 10% booking fee

+ osmium guillotine + coldharbour + brazen bull

please note: this is a rescheduled date, originally due to take place at the b2. all original tickets remain valid.

14s+ (under 16s to be accompanied by an adult over 18)

The Tygers of Pan Tang were an essential part of the movement that became known as New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Signed to M.C.A records they recorded 4 albums in 3 years, toured the UK and Europe extensively, outsold ‘name’ bands in Japan and had an ‘almost’ hit single with their outstanding arrangement of The Clovers ‘Love Potion Number 9’. They weathered the mini storm of their first vocalist leaving after one album and replaced him with the towering figure of Jon Deverill. Against their record companies wishes they employed an additional guitarist, the mercurial John Sykes, who……well that’s another story. On the brink of following Def Leppard and Iron Maiden who had softened up the USA, the band imploded spectacularly when the Los Angeles based MCA refused to provide the support necessary to cross the pond and, without a doubt, cement their growing reputation stateside.

And that could well have been the end of the story had it not been for Robb Weir, who had founded the original Tygers and continued to ‘believe’. Recruiting a set of musicians who could not only perform the old tunes with the necessary reverence, but who could also carry the Tygers torch forward and make new music suitably fitting of the name Tygers of Pan Tang, he set about rebuilding their reputation.

And the results? Well, employing the vocal talents of a singer from Italy (Iacopo Jack Meille) who has been able to command the respect of Tygers fans old and new (and there are plenty of new ones) a rhythm section (Gav Gray and Craig Ellis bass and drums respectively)  who are schooled in providing the necessary propulsion to drive the music from stage to audience and yet another guitarist of unnerving ability and an intuitive feel for the Tygers music (Micky Crystal) , the Tygers star has begun to rise again.

That reputation was cemented recently when they were awarded a gold album by their record company for sales and downloads of their most recent, self-titled, album released just over two years ago. In support of that album the band have played South America, North America, Japan and throughout Europe.

The Tygers have just finished recording their next album to be released worldwide in October 2019. They will then begin a two year world tour.

Band website

Management       Tom Noble     [email protected]

Agency                Ludy Wetzl   [email protected]


Osmium Guillotine 

Combining 80's heavy metal with elements of classic rock, punk and doom, Osmium Guillotine present a fresh take on a classic sound with a modern attitude. 

Over their 10 years on the live music scene, Osmium Guillotine have built up a loyal following and have shared the stage with various legendary acts, from punk icons Sham 69 to NWOBHM legends Praying Mantis, and played alongside Iron Maiden alumni Blaze Bayley, Dennis Stratton, Terry Wapram and Doug Sampson. 

With lyrics covering various subjects as historic battles, time travel, legendary ales and modern technology. 

Osmium Guillotine are guaranteed to get crowds moving at any show.



Coldharbour are a three piece rock grunge band from Norwich (UK) with a passion for music. 

The combination of Tom Browns grunge based riffs, Alex Taylor-Thomas Coe’s funk fueled prog/metal bass flourishes and Ian Arnold a drummer with a love of everything from jazz to blast beats.

Our music is the combination of the bands we grew up listening to, combined with our own good and bad touches. Mainly grunge , metal and a smidgen of prog.

Our debut EP “Subject & Symmetry” is available now on all streaming sites.

Check us out on; Facebook | Instagram


Brazen Bull

Since forming in June 2018, the band have never looked back. In 2019 the band started their venture in the live scene and in the same year went on to support bands such as Higher On Maiden, Atorc, and Renegade Twelve. On Halloween night, Brazen Bull put on their first headline show in Norwich which is only the start of what's to come. After a re-shuffle of the line-up, the four-piece have featured play time on Local Distortion, as well as playing at venues such as The B2 Venue, Norwich Arts Centre, and the John Peel Centre. With lots more planned for 2020, Brazen Bull are ready to make this year special.

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