A poem submitted by Tamil Society, written by Thilo Arulsikamani

Monday 17 May 2021, 7am - 10pm

SU website

The poem is written in Tamil and translated into English.

A message from Tamil Society: "May 18th. A day that resonates in the lives of Eelam Tamils. Tamil Eelam - our motherland.

Sri lanka - the land of Tamil Genocide reached its peak in May 2009. Tens of thousands of Tamils were slaughtered during the grisly Mullivaikal massacre on 18th of May 2009. The day where the world was silent and our screams were unheard. We grieve. Yet we cannot mourn in peace knowing that we did not receive justice for the the injustice our people faced.

The UN turned a blind eye to the Srilankan army using banned chemical weapons to melt the skin of our people, firing in “no-fire” zones and violating international human rights. We remember the lost dreams of our brothers and sisters. We remember the prejudice and discrimination our people endured. We remember those who lost their lives fighting for our rights. We remember those who fought in the name of Tamil Eelam.

On May 18th, we remember what they try to hide. We remember. We resist."


Here is the poem in its original Tamil:

Click here for the translation