Rugby Women


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COMMITTEE 2021/2022

  • President – Claudia Holmes
  • Secretary – Talia Phillips
  • Treasurer – Emily Galatola
  • BUCS Captain – Poppy Wakefield
  • UEA Wolves Captain – Midge Ryan
  • Social Secretaries – Georgia Cakebread & Becky Moore
  • Publicity Secretary – Megan Frost
  • Welfare Officer – Emma Kelleher



We are a group of individuals who have been brought together because of our love of keeping fit, pushing ourselves and being social.


As one of the most successful teams on campus, we are able to keep pushing the limits of the club and have had great success over the years. Our BUCS team have remained in their higher league after being promoted in 2016. This year we are introducing a second squad ‘UEA Wolves’ this team will be paying in NC2 Midlands and offers an opportunity for more members to have game time. It will also offer those who cannot play on a Wednesday the opportunity to engage in regular competitive play.

We welcome individuals of an ability, size or age to come along, have ae laugh and keep fit. You do not have to play competitively if you do not want to and can even just attend socials!



Monday: 5:15-6:45 Colney Lane

Friday: 5:15-6:45 Colney Lane

Weekly S&C: TBC


Training takes place at Colney Lane.

Below is a map on how to get to Colney Lane; it’s about a ten minute walk from the square.



Our BUCS team play matches regularly on a Wednesday and are in Midlands Tier 1. Their games are both at home and away.

Our UEA Wolves team play regularly on a Sunday and are in a more local league. They are in NC2 Midlands.




President – Claudia Holmes

Degree: Psychology

Rugby Position: Second Row

Years Playing Rugby: 8

About Me: Hey, I’m Claudia a third year Psychology student and this year’s president. I started playing rugby when I was in year 9 after struggling to find a team sport that I enjoyed and have never turned back. My favourite thing about rugby is the welcoming and supportive atmosphere, something that is extremely prominent in the Wolfpack. I have loved every minute of my rugby experience at UEA and am determined to make sure everyone who joins the team also has an unforgettable experience. After a crazy year with lots of cancelled games, tournaments and training I cannot wait for a more ‘normal’ year of rugby. I am particularly excited that this year we will be putting forward two teams, one in NC2 and one in BUCS.

Best Rugby Moment: Some of my best memories are from the coach journeys back from league games, singing, celebrating, and chatting - whatever the score is the Wolfpack have a good time and celebrate!


TreasurerEmily Galatola

Degree: Business Management

Rugby Position: Hooker

Years Playing Rugby: 1

About Me:  My name is Emily and I’m in my final year studying business management. I joined the club last year as a completely new player and I have loved every minute. It’s been amazing to meet such a great community of people.

Best rugby moment: Was my first training session when I didn’t have a clue but everyone was so helpful and friendly.


SecretaryTalia Phillips

Degree: Psychology

Rugby Position: Centre

Years of Playing: 1

About Me: Ello I’m Talia, I have only been playing rugby for a year as unfortunately I never got to at school (grr gender stereotypes) but am so so happy that I do now with the best team ever. Aside from rugby I love a good boogie, bit of a tree hugger and enjoy yoga/meditation (om).

Best Rugby Moment: Our second ever friendly as, due to covid, game time was especially precious to us. We came out with a win which we fought for and it felt so good knowing that all of us had pushed ourselves and our bodies to the max for each other! Also was fun trialling out 4 different positions within 80 mins.


BUCS Captain- Poppy Wakefield

Degree: American Studies

Rugby Position: Second Row/Flanker

Years Playing: 1

About Me: Well, I am the infamous Flamingo, more commonly known as Poppy. I am going into my second year and will be your first team captain. I have grown up around rugby loving the sport, but due to going to a boarding school rugby it was not an option for me to play until I got to uni. Since coming to uni the Wolfpack has become my family and the entire basis of my experience. I love these girls and look forward to leading them into matches.

Best Rugby Moment: However, cringey it sounds but my favourite moment is every time I step on the pitch because I know I will love every second.


UEA Wolves Captain – Midge Ryan

Degree: PhD in Biological Sciences

Rugby Position: Scrum Half/Fly Half/ Flanker

Years Playing Rugby: 6

About Me: Hi I’m Midge and I’ll be your second XV captain for this year. I’m in my final year of a PhD in Bio and in my 8th year of uni! I wanted to play rugby when I was at school, but the opportunities weren’t there. I finally got to play when I was in my second year of my undergrad and rugby has been a staple in my life ever since. I have had the pleasure of being part of many teams over the years and I’m looking forward to passing on what I’ve learnt to the next generation of Wolfpack members! I hope that playing for the 2nd team will make up for not being able to play club rugby as teenagers.

Best Rugby Moment: getting to play 10 in a local tournament for the 2nd team in my second year at UEA. We all got to try out positions that we’d wanted to play and had so much fun and played some great rugby. We also got to experience the local club rugby atmosphere. This is what I hope we can continue to do for the 2’s this year.


Fitness Captain – Lucy Williamson

Degree: Physical Education, Sport and Health

Rugby Position: Full Back

Years of Playing Rugby: 3

About Me: Hey I’m Lucy and I am holding the role of fitness captain this year. I have been involved in sports since the age of 3 and joined my first team at age 5. I love everything sport and exercise related which is what I based my career around, at UEA. I have been able to expand and grow as a person, I was able to gain and explore my PT qualification as well as finding my place in a team of wonderful people. Before university, I came from a more football dominant background - yet I used to play rugby along side - however upon coming to


university I decided to give up my football career to take rugby up again and it was the best decision I ever made. Rugby has made me feel more confident and comfortable in my own body and has brought me out of my shell. I am so thankful to the wolfpack for everything that they have done and allowed me to achieve in this time.

Best Rugby Moment: My best memory of rugby with the wolfpack is probably everything, I loved everything about first year - from the training sessions to the 7s tournaments. I enjoyed seeing the girls coming together as a team in training and games, and it’s very nice coming to be a part of this great group of people.


Publicity Secretary – Megan Frost

Degree: Marketing and Management

Rugby Position: Second Row

Years Playing Rugby: 5

About Me: Hey, I’m Megan and I will be your publicity security this year. I’m in my second year of studying marketing. I found my love for rugby when I was at Secondary School and have dived into every opportunity since. I joined the wolfpack last year as a fresher and loved every moment of it. UEA women’s rugby is a huge family and I have made friends for life from it. I can’t wait to continue the legacy of UEA rugby this year.

Best Rugby Moment: Although this year has been difficult due to Covid-19, I’ve still been able to experience some amazing moments being part of the Wolfpack. From winning our first 3 games last season, to celebrating our wins at socials and being picked for Norfolk county, all these moments have been extraordinary. However, the best rugby moment from last season was playing at our first summer 7s tournament and making it to the semi-finals, everyone put 110% into that match, everyone was so supportive, and it really felt like a family and although we lost, it still felt like a win.


Social Secretary – Becky Moore

Degree: English and History

Rugby Position: Flanker

Years Playing Rugby: 1

About Me: Heyyy, I’m Becky and I’m one of your social secs this year, here to make up for lost time haha. My specialties include funnelling a bottle of wine in under 4 seconds, tactical chunders, and making sure everyone has a great time this year as part of the Wolfpack drinking or not! Looking forward to a banging year guys!!

Best Rugby Moment: When I played in my first ever game and got tackled. I realised like how natural everything felt and how much I actually really enjoy playing!


Social Secretary – Georgia Cakebread (Carbs)

Degree: Psychology

Rugby Position: 8

Years Playing Rugby: 2

About Me: Hi I’m carbs, and I am part of the social sec duo this year. before I came to uni I had never played rugby due to lack of opportunity in my area, but I always wanted too. As soon as I joined women’s rugby, I knew it was the club for me as I immediately was made to feel comfortable and accepted. I soon fell in love with the social side of rugby (as well as the sport side of course) and so cannot wait to host some amazing socials to give others the amazing experience I was able to have last year!!

Best Rugby moment: My personal favourite moment from rugby was experiencing my first ever win with the team, I haven’t experienced a feeling like it before and the spirit of the whole team was at an all-time high!! everyone was supporting and bigging up each other which is what the wolfpack’s all about!


Welfare Officer Emma Kelleher

Degree: Politics and International Relations

Position: flanker/prop

Years Playing Rugby: 4

About me: Hiya, I’m Emma, your welfare officer for this year and I’m in my second year. I’ve always loved rugby but always had injuries when I was younger so couldn’t play as much as I wanted. But now I’m back in full fitness and you’ll see me around mostly in brightly coloured shorts. So far I’ve adored UEA women’s rugby and am thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead.

Best rugby memory: Giving a handoff straight to the face


DSD Women's Rugby Taster Session 6pm
Colney Rugby Pitches
Women's Rugby taster session 6pm at Colney
DSD Women's Rugby Taster Session 5.15pm
Women's Rugby taster session, 17:15 at Colney
DSD Women's Rugby Taster Session 6pm
Colney Rugby Pitches
Women's Rugby Taster Session 6pm at Colney
DSD Women's Rugby Bring a Friend Taster Session 5.15pm
Colney Rugby Pitches
Women's Rugby Bring a Friend Taster Session 5.15 pm at Colney

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