Autism Spectrum


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Autism Spectrum Society is a society founded back in 2019. Its founding goal was to provide a space for autistic people to relate to each other - as part of that initative we have regular socials alongside an active Facebook community and a Discord server. Another core goal of the group is spreading awareness. We believe that change starts among emerging young professionals, so winning their hearts and minds will breed further acceptance among the larger global community. Therefore, as a society we regularly engage in spreading awareness in various forms and welcome anyone to partake to learn more. 

This endeavour is supported by a commitee who work incredibly hard to deliver the best service possible at UEA, with tailored socials to accomodate any issues you may have. If you have any requests for socials or ways to make our group more accessible to you, feel free to chat to our committee. 

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If you would like to join our Discord server, there is a link above through the discord logo, or you can follow this link ( 

President: Eleanor Morrison

Secretary: Finch Fincham

Equality and Diversity Officer: Finch Fincham 

Treasurer: Sara Jones

Union Council Rep: Findlay Norton

No elections are currently running