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advice(su)  can offer help with most money or work issues you encounter while you are at UEA.

Rights at work 



Income Tax 

Council Tax

Finding a part time job




Taking a part time job while you are studying can help you balance the books and give you valuable experience. We can give you advice and guidance on:

  • Working as a student, including rules on tax and national insurance
  • Your rights as an employee or intern
  • Problems in the workplace including disciplinary issues and grievances
  • Advice about pay, hours and other terms and conditions

We can explain your rights, talk through your options with you and help you resolve problems. For more information, see our advice guides below

Want to check if you are getting the correct rate of National Minimum Wage? Use this calculator.

Students at Work

This information guide covers:

  • finding a job while studying at the UEA,
  • working as an international student; and
  • your employment rights, trade unions, income tax and national insurance once you find that job.

Click here for a downloadable PDF


This guide gives an overview of your legal rights as an intern, including the right to be paid at least national minimum wage and rights such as protection from health and safety risks and unlawful discrimination.

Click here for a downloadable PDF

TV Licensing

If you watch TV, you will probably  need a licence. The law has recently changed so that  you need a licence to watch  catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer. Find out more from our guide to TV Licensing or watch this:

Students and Income Tax

Everything you need to know about income tax

Click here for a downloadable PDF

See also…

Union Jobs

A listing of job opportunities with the Union of UEA Students.

Career Central

The UEA careers service, CareerCentral,  is your one stop shop for job vacancies, events, careers advice and guidance, resources and more. You can find them in the Street or log in to MyCareerCentral


Money worries can be a big distraction; if you feel that  your finances are getting out of control, come and talk to an Advice Worker sooner rather than later. The earlier you identify a problem, the easier it will be to resolve

We can help with :

  • Student Finance including  general advice and support for appeals and repeat funding applications
  • Where to look for more help with funding your studies
  • Advice on availability of benefits and how to apply for them
  • Advice on council tax liability
  • How to get help with debt and support if you need to negotiate  with the UEA over debts to the university
  • Budgeting advice

If you  have a short term financial problem and  need help with food, we are able to give  vouchers for emergency food supplies  - see

For a summary of the money advice services offered by UEA Student Support Services click here

For more information, see our advice guides below

iBudgeting and money saving tips

Helpful hints on saving money.

Click here for a downloadable PDF

Council tax

If you are a full-time student, you will be exempt from council tax for the duration of your study at UEA whether you live in University accommodation or in private rented accommodation.  To find out how to claim this, and when the exemption applies, check our downloadable information sheet.


Most students are unable to claim state benefits while they are full time students - the main exceptions are:

  • student parents
  • students with disabilities

Come and talk to us if you think you may qualify for benefits.

Housing benefit and council tax reduction

Essential information on council tax reduction and housing benefit for students. Click here for a downloadable PDF

See also

UEA Student Support Service - a valuable source of advice and guidance on money matters and may be able to provide additional financial support to UEA students in difficulty.

Acas helpline:


Phone: Telephone: 0300 123 1100
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm