Transforming Education Awards



These awards are held by the Students' Union in order to recognise and reward the hard work that is put in to your education by the academic staff and support staff within the University, in order to transform you from students to successful graduates. 

There are 13 awards this year with the addition of The Vice Chancellors Award which will recognise the best of the best of the winners at the event. 

For the first year we'll also be working with the Universitys Teaching Fellows, to provide student opinion on colleagues in the University who should be recognised via a University Teaching Fellowship for their excellence in teaching and one winner at the awards will receive a University Teaching Fellowship.

We received over 450 nominations this year - more than ever before - and we'd like to thank you for submitting such wonderful words about staff that have impacted you at UEA!

The shortlist was decided by a panel made up of student representatives to shortlist from 450 to 69 staff members and students, and winners of each category will be presented with an award at the event on Thursday 3rd May 6.30pm-9.30pm. If you'd like to join us for this event head here to reserve a ticket!

Below are the awards that these nominees have been shortlisted for:

Advisor of the Year Award:

This award is to recognise the pastoral support that advisors provide to students, enabling them to feel supported in decisions of academic or welfare areas and who help students when in need.

Shortlisted are:

Karen McCullagh (LAW)

Ulrike Theuerkauf (DEV)

Natalie Thurston (EDU)

Anna-Marie Fuller (CHE)

Jenni Turner (ENV)

Kirsty Henry (HSC)

Kay Yeoman (BIO)

Thomas Fitzgerald (PSY)

Winners : Karen McCullagh (LAW) and Jenni Turner (ENV)


Advocate for PhD Students:

This award recognises staff members who have shown dedication, enthusiasm and support to PhD students. This can include supervisors, or any other staff member a PhD student feels has strongly supported them and put the interests of PhD students at the forefront.

Shortlisted are:

Michael Kyriacou (PPL)

Mike Bernadin (LDC)

Matthew Sillence (HUM)

Winner: Michael Kyriacou (PPL)


Advocate for Students Award:

The Advocate for Students Award is here to recognise a member of staff who goes above and beyond to put the students interests at the centre of what they do. This may be continuing a message from students up through the School, or be someone who fights for the student experience at every step.

Shortlisted are:

Dimitrios Dousios (NBS)

Mark Hobbs (IIH)

Marisa Goulden (DEV)

Adriana Sinclair (PPL)

Fabio Arico (ECO)

Victoria Warburton (EDU)

Winner: Mark Hobbs (IIH)


Best PhD Associate Tutor of the Year Award:

The award for Best PhD/Associate Tutor recognises visiting staff or those teaching as part of their PhD who have made a particular impression on their students. 

Shortlisted are:

Michael Kyriacou (PPL)

Charles Beacroft (HIS)

Carmen Fisher (PSY)

Kimberley Lockwood (AMA)

Winner: Charles Beacroft (HIS)


Course Representative of the Year Award:

This award recognises reps who are committed, approachable and effective at creating change for their peers.

Shortlisted are:

Charlie Norman (PSY)

Kirsty Johnson (HSC)

Laura Ali (AMA)

Lizzie White (DEV)

Maria Armes (PPL)

Rosie Brookes (HSC)

Anna Deas (AMA)

Winners: Charlie Norman (PSY), Maria Armes (PPL) and Rosie Brookes (HSC)


Equality and Diversity in Teaching Award:

This award is for teaching which is most inclusive of equality and diversity values. This could be taking into consideration different learning needs and styles or by creating a diverse and socially conscious curriculum.

Shortlisted are:

Francisco Costa (IIH)

Helen Warner (PPL)

Kavita Ramakrishnan (DEV)

Martin Scott (DEV)

Ratula Chakraborty (NBS)

Winner: Francisco Costa (IIH)


Most Innovative Teaching Award:

The award for most Innovative Teaching recognises teaching which involves creative and new ways of using technology or teaching methods, including new and exciting forms of assessment and feedback. The winner of this award for 2018 will also receive a University Teaching Fellowship presented by Paul McDermott on behalf of the University Fellows. 

Shortlisted are:

Tom Hargreaves (ENV)

Laura Joyce (LDC)

George Malcolm (PSY)

Simon Lancaster (CHE)

Rosalind Bark (ENV)

Paul McDermott (PHA)

Winner: Tom Hargreaves (ENV)


Most Inspiring Teaching Award:

The award for Most Inspiring Teaching recognises passionate teaching that encourages and inspires students to believe in their abilities and to strive for the most out of their education.

Shortlisted are:

David Gilks (HIS)

Ian Edwards (LAW)

Juliet Harrison (HSC)

Mark Wilkinson (MED)

Neil Cooper (PSY)

Tom Hargreaves (ENV)

Jessica Sharkey (HIS)

Christopher Bell (ENV)

Winner: Juliet Harrison (HSC)


PhD Supervisor of the Year Award:

This award for is to recognise the staff who go above and beyond in their duties supervising PhD students. They support their supervisee in their reseach, personal development and any hiccups along the way whilst studying for their PhD.

Shortlisted are:

Nikalaos Korfiatis (NBS)

Stephen Robinson (BIO)

Agnieszka Bates (EDU)

Aram Saeed (PHA)

Leanne Stokes (PHA)

Winner: Stephen Robinson (BIO)


Research-led Teaching Award:

This award is to recognise academics who use cutting edge or specialist research in order to enhance and feed into students curriculum.

Shortlisted are:

Guy Peryer (HSC)

Jacqui O'Keefe (HSC)

Stuart Rushworth (MED)

Simon Horton (HSC)

Franco Mariuzzo (ECO)

John-Mark Philo (LDC)

Winner: Franco Mariuzzo (ECO)


Student Staff Liaison Committee of the Year Award:

This award recognises the committee who have worked together to bring positive change for the students in their school.

Shortlisted are:

SSLC for Arts, Media and American Studies (AMA)

SSLC for Politics, Philosophy, Languages and Communication Studies (PPL)

SSLC for Health Sciences (HSC)

Winner: SSLC for Arts, Media and American Studies (AMA)

Student Partnership Officer of the Year Award:

This award is to recognise the work of Student Partnership Officers in each area. Reasons could include whether they have gone the extra mile to encourage representation from all levels and courses in your School or regularly help students engage with representation and encourage to use the Student Voice.

Shortlisted are:

Jessica Barker (AMA)

Tom Phillips (IIH)

Winner: Tom Phillips (IIH)


Support Staff Member of the Year Award:

The award for Support Staff Member of the Year recognises non-academic staff who are friendly, helpful and supportive of students and who work with students to improve their service.

Shortlisted are:

Beverley Youngman (IIH)

Jackie Orford (PSY)

Lydia Blake (STS)

Charlie James (MED)

John Thompson (HSC)

Ian Mortimer (STS)

Winners: Jackie Orford (PSY) and Lydia Blake (STS)

The Vice Chancellor Award:

All winners of the above categories were considered for the final award of the evening, presented on behalf of the Vice Chancellor.

Winner: Juliet Harrison


If you have any questions or would like more information please email Lindsay at [email protected]