Course Representation

Course reps are a vital part of the hundreds of students and student representatives working to make UEA an even better place to learn. From your education officers, to faculty convenors, collectively reps can and do bring about positive change to the academic experience at UEA.

More than ever universities place importance on student engagement, understanding that if students can shape their learning they learn better. Reps are an integral part of that movement. As well as the experience and skills gained from being a rep, and positive changes made, we at uea(su) want to make sure the experience is as fun and rewarding as possible!

In order to be truly representative, Course Reps are elected into position by their peers on their course and in their year group. The elections for positions for next academic year will open on Sunday March 18th. It's a very simple process and not one to be worried about!

Once elections have taken place, we at the union provide training, monthly forums, and socials for all reps - a chance to get together, develop new skills and techniques and get to know other reps from across the institution. You'll be contacted by your Student Partnership Officer to attend meetings called Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLC) to speak on behalf of your course and year of study.

If you're interested in being a rep, would like to find out who your Student Partnership Officer is, or would just like more information, contact Lindsay on [email protected]

More information about Course Reps can be found at the pages listed below.