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committee training - investing in you

Being a student group committee member is a great way to equip yourself with personal development skills, make friends, and enhance how you appear to employers. To ensure you get the most out of your time as committee member, we offer training sessions and resources that will help you understand what is expected from your role, best practices you should undertake and how to verbalise the skills you have gained from your experience as a committee member. 

The table below indicates which training session committee members should undertake and links to training slides. 

Committee Training We Offer

         Training designed for... Link to Training Slides  Additional Resources and pdfs relevant to training


Student Group Induction


  • All committee members (compulsory)
Student Group Induction Recording  

Leading Your Student Group: Being a President

  •  Presidents (compulsory)
  • Vice Presidents
Leading Your Student Group: Being a President Training Presentation 

Student Group Development Plan

Student Group President - Job Description

Student Group Finance Training

  • Treasurers (compulsory)
  • Presidents (compulsory)
  •  Secretaries (compulsory)

Student Group Finance Training Presentation

How to use the eXpense365 app

Finance – invoices, purchase orders 

Template budget spreadsheet to help keep track of clubs or socs finances

Template budget for running large events

Student Group Treasurer - Job Desciption

Administrating Your Student Group: Being a Secretary

  • Secretaries (compulsory)

Administrating Your Student Group: Being a Secretary Training Presentation 

 Student Group Secretary - Job Description

Keeping Your Members Safe: Health and Safety Training

  •  Health and Safety Officers (compulsory)
  • Events and Social Officers (compulsory)
 Keeping Your Members Safe: Being a Health and Safety Officer Training Presentation 

Incident reporting

Student Group Health and Safety Officer - Job Description

Equality and Diversity Training


  • Equality and Diversity Officers, or equivalent (compulsory)
  • All other committee members


Equality and Diversity Officer Training Presentation 

Inclusivity and Accessibility Hub 

Student Group Equality and Diversity Officer - Job Description

Events and Socials Training

  •  Events and Socials Officers, or equivalent (compulsory)
Events and Socials Training Presentation  


Things to consider when holding an event

How do I fill out a risk assessment?

Template budget for running large events

Student Group Events and Socials Officers - Job Description

Wellbeing/Welfare Officer Training

  • Wellbeing/Welfare Officers (compulsory)
Wellbeing Officer Training  Student Group Wellbeing Officer - Job Description

Publicity Training

  • Publicity Officers/Social Media Officers/Media Representatives (compulsory)
Publicity Officer Training Student Group Publicity Officer - Job Description

First Year Representative Training

  • First Year Representatives (compulsory)
First Year Rep training presentation


Union Council Representative Training

Union Council Representatives (compulsory) Union Council Training Presentation Student Group Union Council Representative - Job Description


Anti-Racism Training 

  • All committee members 

You can request this training for your committee by emailing our diversity coordinator -  Jen Bello,  [email protected]

Training Calendar

We offer a range of training sessions, both compulsory and additional training, throughout the year. To see what we have on offer and when it is taking place, please see our calendar below.