supporting your club or society to be accessible to all students

inclusivity, accessibility and community

supporting your club or society to be accessible to all students

Inclusivity and Accessibility

This part of the website is a source of information on how your club or society can be more inclusive and accessible to your members. We encourage you to look through the below guidance and other guidance available to put some steps in place to make sure your club or society is accessible to ALL students and everyone feels welcome. 

Content Warning

Content on this page and the resources provided will cover themes of racism, sexual violence, homophobia, transphobia, ableism. 

Inclusivity Development Tool

If you are not sure where to start, as a committee have a look at the different sections of our inclusivity development tool and choose some key areas to focus on. The development tool is designed to get you to think about your student group, where it performs well and where there are opportunities for improvements. 

Equality and diversity Booklet

To support equality and diversity officers we have created a booklet that gives you information and advice on how you can make your student group accessible to ALL  students. This booklet builds upon what you would have learnt during the Equality and Diversity committee training so it is important that you do attend this training. Here is the booklet

We understand that the booklet in PDF format will not be accessible for all students, which is why we have included the information as part of the pages below.  If you think there is an important topic or information we have missed out on these pages, please let us know and we can add this in to support other student groups. At the top of this page to the right-hand side, there is the Recite Me toolbar that makes the Students' Union website more accessible. To find out all the features of the recite me toolbar and its functions, click HERE

You can view the roles and responsibilities of the equality and diversity officer HERE