A Night to Remember - Alcohol Awareness

A Night to Remember 

What is A Night to Remember?

The campaign provides education and activities on the impact of alcohol on your health to make sure you have a good university experience. This year we will be focusing on mental health and the impact lockdown has had on alcohol intake. This isn't about getting students to stop drinking. It's about creating a positive culture of responsible drinking on and off-campus, changing attitudes towards alcohol, and continuing to provide a safe community for all students. 


Support for clubs and societies

Due to covid-19 and lockdown in November 2020, the A Night to Remember Booklet this year will support you to run online non-alcohol-related events. Here is the new 2020-21 A Night to Remember Booklet.

Once you can do socials face to face, we will provide you with discounts and incentives to head to places in Norwich to take part in activities such as a gaming cafe, bowling and escape rooms. This is so you can hold low-cost socials for your members, giving you a sustainable alternative. The booklet will also have educational parts about why some students don't drink and the impact of alcohol on our mental health.

Inclusive social Events -Here is the Club Soda - Mindful Drinking for Inclusive Social Events Booklet. Gives you lots of practical tips to support non-drinkers feel included in your events.

Have you got a quiz coming up? Why not add some alcohol awareness questions in. Here are some to get you started 


Why is the A Night to Remember campaign needed?

UEA Clubs & Society Survey March 2020;

  • 15.1% of non-members have not joined a club/society this year as they have too much focus on drinking.
  • 9.8% of society members strongly disagree or disagree that their society has non-alcohol focused socials, 16.6% of club members say the same. 

NUS Alcohol Impact survey;

  • 73% of UEA students agree that they don't like socialising with people who get very drunk and ruin the night for others.
  • 30% of UEA students sometimes feel pressure from their friends to drink more than they would like to.

Alcohol change UK;

  • 1 in five (19%) of those surveyed said they had drunk alcohol as a way to handle stress or anxiety during the lockdown. Of these who drank more heavily during lockdown (nice plus units on each drinking day), 40% had drunk as a response to the stress of anxiety.
  • Around 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year and drinking too much or too often can increase our risk. But many of us are unaware of the link between alcohol and poor mental health. Regular drinking can mask underlying mental health problems - such as anxiety and depression - and prevent them from being properly addressed, or even worsen them. 


What is alcohol awareness week? 

Alcohol awareness week 2020 will take place from 16 to 22nd November on the theme of alcohol and mental health. In a year of extraordinary change and uncertainty, it offers us a chance to think about the ways in which we may sometimes use alcohol to help us cope when we've feeling low, anxious, stressed or worried. It also offers opportunities to highlight some of the more serious mental health problems that can go hand-in-hand with heavy drinking. You can find out more about the link between alcohol and mental health here

Could your club or society do some activities for Alcohol Awareness week in 2021? The dates of this have not been released just yet. 

Support for students that need help with their alcohol intake  

If you need support with your drinking or want to support another student, advice (su) and student services are here to help with signposting to external sources of support as well as offering support around managing the impacts of student life such as deadline, attendance and finance. If you are looking for local support, have a look at the Matthew project and if you are under 25, MAP is here to help is here is to help.

Last year Deals

These were some of the places we had deals with last academic year and we will look to repeat some of these;

You can view the 2019/20 booklet (please note the deals are likely to be outdated now) - Here is the Night to Remember Booklet