risk assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are required for any event you run, apart from an event that is online. As long as you are running an event, you are responsible for the safety of the students at that event.

If you have made a Hive or room booking for an event you will need to submit your risk assessment on the booking form here.

For any other Society or Club event that hasn't been processed through room bookings, then the completed risk assessment has to be sent to [email protected] to be approved.

If your event is high risk, you may have to work with our events coordinator, Alys Elvin to get the risk assessment to a good standard.

Please see below a blank risk assessment form which includes a handy guide of what to put in each section. We have also created a 'cheat sheet' which lists a number of hazards that could happen at your event and some suggestions of how you could mitigate the risk.  

Click to download a blank Risk Assessment form

Click to download the Hazard Mitigation 'Cheat Sheet'


To obtain permission to have an event in an open space on campus (anything outside of buildings), it needs to be approved by the University's Event Permission Group. These are elected respresentatives from several areas of the university, who consider the implications of the event on the surrounding area.

To do this, you must complete an Event Permission Form and risk assessment to cover the event that can be found here under documents and forms. This must be submitted with Alys Elvin's approval once the forms are completed and you are ready to send them. Please ensure you have allowed 4 - 6 weeks notice of the event.