Equal Opportunities

equal opportunities


UEA Students' Union is committed to equality of opportunity for all. It's at the heart of what we do, and we're constantly working to make our processes better, especially in recruitment.


keeping the process fair

All members of staff involved in recruitment are required to undertake equal opportunities in recruitment training, to ensure our recruiting managers know how to run fair and appropriate recruitment to find the best people for our teams.

All of the applications we receive for any role - career or student staff - are completely anonymised, and all identifying data is removed. Your application is instead given a unique code, and this is how we keep track of your application.


monitoring and reporting

As part of the recruitment process, all applicants are required to complete equal opportunities monitoring forms. The questions we ask in these are completely separate to your job application, and cannot be linked in any identifying way to your application. 

We collect this data so we can see an overview of everyone applying to our roles. It's used so we can adapt and alter our processes where necessary to ensure we're attracting and supporting a broad range of candidates, reflective of campus and local diversity statistics where applicable.

If at any point we realise we do need to change part of our process, we'll work with the relevant elected student officers and subcommittees to generate ideas and action plans.

We'll start to report more fully on this data in the coming months, and any published reports will go on this page.


supporting our staff

All of our staff, both career and student, are covered by our staff policies, which set out clear guidelines for processes and serve to protect staff where applicable. If you're a current member of staff, you can find all of our policies through your PeopleHR account.


transforming equality

UEA Students' Union has a strategy in place to ensure our entire organisation is as equal as possible. This is in the process of being reviewed at the moment - to find out more, please head to the Transforming Equality webflow. 


get in touch

If you've got an idea or comment on our recruitment practices, or want to have a chat about any element of them, drop us an email at [email protected].