How To Apply

how to apply


To help explain our processes, we've broken them down here for you. Which do you want to find out more about?


student staff roles

We usually do two types of student staff recruitment each year. Sometimes, inidividual roles will becomes available throughout the year where we need to fill some spaces in our teams pretty quickly. At the start of semester two we launch our large-scale student staff recruitment for the following academic year, where we'll advertise for all roles across the organisation.

The application process for student staff roles is the same whether it's part of the large-scale recruitment or a one-off. We'll put details about each of the roles available on the student staff roles page, along with a link to the application form - you'll need to log in to see the forms. We don't accept CVs for any of our roles so please don't ask to send one in!

We'll take some basic details we need alongside asking you role specific questions - we hire everything from shop assistants to graphic designers, so each application form is different. We also ask you to fill out an equal opportunities monitoring form, just so we can keep an eye on our equality and diversity stats, and check if we need to update any of our processes.

Once you've applied, the recruiting managers shortlist - we try and do this in as short a time as possible, however some of our roles can attract hundreds of applicants so it might take us a little while! Those who are successful at the shortlisting stage will be invited to a selection event - those unsuccessful will be informed via email.

A selection event is where the recruiting managers get to meet candidates and test you a little more on how well suited you would be for the role you've applied for. For some roles, this is just an interview, but for others this includes short tasks and group activities. We may also ask you to complete a trial or probationary shift, as for some roles it's just best to see how you work in the environment.

After this point, the managers will again shortlist based on performance at the selection event. If you're unsuccessful, we'll let you know and endeavour to provide feedback. If you're successful, congratulations! 

All successful candidates must then fill out some paperwork with us and attend an induction meeting - these are a mandatory part of your employment, and if you can't attend we do reserve the right to revoke a job offer. The induction covers what it means to work for us as a union, some basic staff training, and you'll also be trained in our zero tolerance campaign, Never Okay.


career staff roles

When a career staff role becomes available, the only place to apply is at our website - we never take applications through job boards or third party websites and we'll always redirect you to our website.

On the career staff roles page, we'll have a brief description and the particulars of the role, along with links to the job description, application forms and equal opportunity forms. We don't accept CVs or covering letters for any of our roles so please don't include these with your application. 

Download the job description, and if you'd like to apply, complete the forms and return them to [email protected]. We'll confirm receipt of the documents, and after the deadline has passed the recruiting managers will shortlist the applications - unsuccessful candidates will be informed via email, and candidates we'd like to see for a selection event will be invited to a session on campus. We'll always endeavour to provide at least seven days' notice, and where possible we'll include the date of selection events in the advert.

At the selection event, we'll look to test some aspects of the job description, and you'll have an interview with a small panel - this will be made up of the recruiting managers and one of our sabbatical officers.

From the selection event, if you're unsuccessful we'll inform you via email and offer you a chance to ask for feedback, which we'll endeavour to provide. If you're successful, we'll be in touch about all the legalities and welcoming you on board!



If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the application process, send us an email to [email protected] - we'd love to hear your thoughts!