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How do I get a National Insurance number?

If you want to get paid work, you will need a national insurance number. You need to apply by phone – see for how to do this.

There’s a different process if you have had an NI number before but lost or forgotten it. You can apply online – see

Take care – if you search online for how to apply for an NI number, you will find advertisements for private organisations who say they can help you get an NI number. These services are unnecessary and charge fees.

I haven’t been paid for work I did, what can I do?

If you have worked for someone under a contract and they don’t pay you or make deductions from your pay that you haven’t agreed to, and you can’t resolve the dispute by agreement, you can make a claim for the money in an employment tribunal.

You will need to make the claim within 3 months of the day the money was due and prove that you are owed the money.

For more information,  make an appointment with an advice(su) adviser, You can also call the ACAS helpline and see


Where can I look for a part time job?

We’d recommend that you start with looking for work on campus:

SU jobs -

Careers central – provide careers guidance and advertise part time jobs

UEA jobs:

If there are no suitable vacancies on campus, try looking online via agencies and websites such as or


Where can I get help with money problems?

advice(su) can help you with budgeting advice and debt issues, where appropriate signposting to specialist external debt advice. We can advise on eligibility for benefits and how to claim.

UEA student support services can help with

  • advice on student funding
  • hardship funds
  • emergency loans

To book an appointment with a financial adviser at Student Support Service, phone 01603 592761. For advice, email [email protected] or visit    


Can I get help with childcare costs?

Student parents can apply for a parent’s learning allowance (  ) and a childcare grant ( )

For other useful information for student parents see