photo and video terms

photo and video terms and policy 


Photographing or filming individual people or a small group of people 

If we ask you to get involved individually or in a small group with photography or filming we will ask you to complete a photo and video consent form. 

This helps to highlight your rights in terms of your data, what you are consenting to, and what we can use the content in which you featured for. 

We use images and video in a range of materials to promote the work of uea(su) as a whole and also to illustrate particular areas of our work. This includes advertisements and other publicity materialss such as leaflets, prospectuses, brochures and posters, direct mail, books, social media channels, newspapers, magazine articles, television programmes and publications for the internet. For more information about how we use your data more generally, please see our other privacy policies. 

Consent for photo and video continues with no time limit, as the purposes for which we use your information do not change. We may decide to stop using promotional material in which you are featured if it becomes outdated or newer content is generated. 

If you are 16 years or older, and understand the consent process, we will ask you to read the consent form and sign it yourself. 

If you would like to withdraw your consent for photos and videos containing your likeness to be used, please email [email protected] 


Photographing or filming an event, or larger groups of people

If we are taking photographs or filming at a location, this will be indicated via signs displayed around the location of filming, as opposed to individual consent forms being given out to all attendees. 

These signs will indicate that if you do not wish to be included in photography or filming, to bring this to the attention of the filming or photography team.