societies executive

Please read our Societies Executive Role Descriptions document to learn more about what the indivudals roles do. 


Societies Exec 2020 - 21


Your representatives are: 

  • Harriet Davies - Campaigns and Fundraising Officer

  • Cameron Rayment - Online Communities Officer

  • Jasmine Abubekr - Publicity Officer

  • Morgan Burdick - Welfare in Societies Officer

  • Josh Brown - Academic Societies (Actuarial, African Law, American Law, American Studies, Art History, Biological, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Economics, Education, ELSA, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geography, History, International Development, Language & Communication Studies, Law, Liturature, Maths, Midwifery, NatSci, Nursing, Norwich MedEd, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physics & Astronomy, Physiotherapy, Politics, Psychology, Speech & Language Therapy, Social Work, Women in Business, Women in Science and Engineering)
  • Samantha Rooke -  Arts & Performance Societies (Art, Bellydance, Burlesque, Cinema, Drama, Eggbox, Film making, Forro, UEA Comedy, Live Music, Music, Music Recording and Production, Pantomime, Salsa, Showchoir, South Asian Fine Arts, Swing Dance, The Queer Review)
  • Mia Foord - Charities & Campaigns Societies (Alzheimers, Amnesty International, Bloody Good Period, Cancer Research UK, Conservation & Wildlife, Coppafeel,  Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism, Freedom, Friends of MSF, Headucate, Marrow, No More, Oxfam, RAG,  Save the Children, Sexpression, SSAGO, Students for Global Health UEA, Sustainability)
  • Patrycja Poplawska - Cultural Societies (African-Caribbean, Arab, Bengali, Brunei, Bulgarian, Chinese Students & Scholars, Filipino, Francophone, German, Ghanaian, Hellenic, Indian, Indonesian, International Students, Italian, Japan, Kashmiri, Kazakhstan, Kenyan, Korean, Latin American, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Mauritian, Nepalease, Nigerian, North African, Pakistani, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romainian, Russian Speaking, Saudi, Somali, South East Asian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Tamil, Turkish-Azeri, Vietnamese, Welsh, Zimbabwean)
  • Toby King -  Games & Hobbies Societies (Anime, Assassins, Bad Film, Baking, Chess, Chinese Board Game, Cocktail, Coeliac and Gluten Free, Darts, DAy Walks, Dharma, Disney, Fashion, Feminist Book Club, Filmmaking, Food Co-Op, Friendly Runners Club, Games, Geek, Garlic Bread, Ghost Hunting, Harry Potter, Horror Film, Knitting & Crochet, Laser, Mahjong, Paintball, Pasta, Photography, Poker, Pokemon, Polo, Quiz,  Real Ale, Rock & Alternative Music, Rounders, Skateboarding, Slackline, Travel, World and Tourism, Vegan, Vegbox, Video Game, Wine and Cheese)
  • Bronwen Brown - Media Collective (Concrete, Livewire, UEA:TV)
  • Sophie Morris - Medical Societies (Anatomy, Cardiology, Dermatology & Plastics, Endocrinology, EYESoc, Gastroenterology, General Practice, MedSoc, Midwifery, NeuroSoc, NNUH Youth Volunteers, Norwich PCP, Norwich Medical Research, Nursing, OBGYN, Oncology Society,  OSCE AID, Paediatrics, Paramedic, Pharamcology, Pharmacy, Respiratory, Rheumatology & Orthopaedics, Sport & Exercise Medicine, Surgical, Teddy Bear's Hospital, We are Donors, Wildernesss Medicine)
  • Jake Goddard - Peer Support Societies ( Nightline, Pride, Student Minds)
  • Sebastian Brennan - Personal Development Societies (Armed Forces, Bright Futures, British Sign Language, Commuters, Debating, Enactus, Erasmus, Interprofessional, Investment, First Aid, UEA Fitness, Tedx, Women In Business)
  • Susannah Esiri-Bloom - Political Societies (Conservative, Feminist, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Marxist, Model UN, Urban Female Movement, Womanist, Young Greens)
  • Adela Morais - Religion Societies (Amana, Believers Love World, Catholic, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Christian Union, Compass, First Love, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Radical Youth, Saved 2 Sav)

The dates for Soc Exec meetings for next academic year are as follows, where grant application and new society society application deadlines are 3 working days beforehand (Friday):

  • TBC




Grant Deadlines


If you are from a society and applying for a grant, the table below indicates when your grant application will be reviewed and the deadline you need to send the application in by. 

If you apply for a grant by this deadline…

Your grant request will be reviewed by Societies Executive and/or the Activities and Opportunities Officer on this date…

Thursday 22nd Oct 2020

Tuesday 27th Oct 2020

Thursday 19th Nov 2020

Monday 23rd Nov 2020

Thursday 21st Jan 2021

Monday 25th Jan 2020

Thursday 18th Feb 2021

Monday 22nd Feb 2021

Thursday 18th March 2021

Monday 22nd March 2021

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Monday 26th April 2021