Edge Conference

Edge 2021 - Annual skills conference

Edge is UEA SU’s free, virtual skills conference, designed to provide you with self-development opportunities and help you further your personal and career journeys.

Developing new skills is always worth your while whether that’s for your career, study or life in general. We’ve heard of the value of upskilling a lot recently – especially as we’re all reacting to the new normal brought by Covid-19 and the changing world of work, it’s the number one activity that everyone can do to keep a competitive edge and help develop your employability.

What’s on?


You can expect a whole range of different workshops geared up to improve your employability, equip you with new life skills and gain practical knowledge that you can use every day in both a personal and professional capacity.

Become more employable: Learn how to identify your skills and showcase them to employers, get tips on how to plan your career and get tips on how to set up a professional looking LinkIn profile.

Tips for working in the creative sector: If you are looking for a career in the creaive industry, we also have plenty for you! We will be running sessions on how to start in digital marketing, how to be a freelance creative and an introductory guide on how to build a unique brand for your start-up.

Be the best you: If personal self development if what you are after, we've sorted that too with topics covering mental health awareness, how to be more resilient, how to harness your inner self confidence as well as top tips and activities to help you make a good first impression regardless of the audience.

Wellbeing activities 

At the end of each day, we’ll also be running free wellness and wellbeing sessions such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Guest speaker

On Wednesday 24th March at 1pm, we'll be joined by guest speaker Charlotte Beevor, an award-winning Designer whose captured the attention of, and launched a variety of high profile collaborations with brands including Surface View,,, Hillary's Blinds and Reloved Upholstery.

After freelancing for international brands including Lululemon, American Greetings and Marks and Spencer, working for studios in Italy and Vancouver and exhibiting at Premier Vision in Paris, Charlotte continues to work with companies around the world in different areas of the industry. Charlotte is a proud member of the Society of Dyers and Colourists & The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, and guest lectures at a variety of universities

She has been featured in publications such as Elle Decoration, Living Etc, Ideal Home, House Beautiful, The Pioneer Woman, Pantone View, The Times and many more as well as most recently featuring as a designer on series 2 of Interior Design Masters on BBC2.

You'll get the chance to pick Charlottes brain about all things creative, freelance, social media in the Q&A session after she talks about how to present yourself as a creative business online using social media/ websites/ blogs in order to get your work noticed and gain a following. As well as providing you an insight into her journey as a Leeds art graduate, award winning designer and how she ended up featuring on BBC2 interior design masters.


For more information on Charlotte's work, visit

Can I get involved?

Any student on campus can attend our online sessions, including UEA SU’s team leaders, managers and all student staff who are interested in gaining new skills that they can use to help them progress within the organisation, for jobs they apply for during or after Uni as well as those wanting to explore self-development opportunities.

How do I book onto a session?

All sessions are free, interactive and run via zoom. They will run from 11am – 4pm on Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th March with wellbeing activities at 5.30pm. You can find a list of all the workshops by click here and details on how to book by visiting the Do Something Different What’s on page - 




Session title

Session description

23rd March 2021 
23/03/2021 11am 1 hour  Introducing yourself: Positive Communication Struggle with first introductions? It's something most of us worry about! This session will go over some top tips and activities to help you make a good first impression regardless of the audience. 
23/03/2021 1pm 1 hour  Starting in Digital Marketing Looking to start a career in digital marketing? As a recent graduate who started in the world of digital marketing, Amy is on hand to answer any questions and provide some top tips in getting noticed by marketing agencies. 
23/03/2021 2pm 1.5 hours Introduction to happiness It’s one of life’s biggest questions – ‘What is happiness and how do we achieve it?’.  This workshop will introduce and explore some of the learning from positive psychology about what constitutes happiness and about the daily habits we can all nurture to help us have a more positive outlook on life.  We will share tools and resources to help you understand the different factors that contribute to happiness and how we can influence them.
23/03/2021 3pm 1 hour  Identify your skills and showcase them to employers In this workshop you will learn how to identify the skills you have accrued during your time at UEA and how to articulate those to employers. You will:
• Reflect on the activities you have taken part in over the last few years
• Learn about the key skills employers want
• Identify the skills you have honed through taking part in various activities
• Practise articulating your skill set using the 'CARL' framework
The session will be run by Natalie Freeman (UEA Award Officer).
23/03/2021 4pm 1 hour  Planning your Career Starting your career right now may seem daunting. Our 1-hour session will take you through some of the tips and tricks of viewing your career as marathon rather than a sprint. We’ll share easy strategies to start you on the right path.

In this session we will cover:
• Exploring your values and potential careers
• Purposefully Networking
• Seeking meaningful interviews
23/03/2021 5.30pm 45 minutes Yoga for all Hatha style yoga class. Exploring our bodies and our lives with a perfect balance of movement and stillness. Take some time to feel stronger and more flexible in body, mind and soul. This class has something for everyone, all ages and abilities are welcome.
24th March 2021
24/03/2021 11am 1 hour  Goal setting Do you have grand plans but struggle to work out how to achieve them?  Do you find it hard to focus when you have a lot of competing demands?  Do you feel overwhelmed with the tasks you have to do and want some help to break them down and make them more manageable?  Whether it is about meeting assessment deadlines, budgeting, planning your career or personal development - come along to our Goal Setting Workshop to find out how simplify and prioritise your goals and make them more achievable.
24/03/2021 1pm 45 mins - 1 hour

So, you think you’re creative?

Career talk from award winning designer Charlotte Beevor


** Recently featuring as a designer on series 2 of Interior Design Masters on BBC2**


Join Charlotte Beevor, award winning designer On Wednesday 24th March at 1pm, as she talks about her Career journey and the steps she has taken as a Leeds art college graduate to how she ended up featuring on BBC2 interior design masters. She’ll provide an insight into how she got started in the world of freelance and carved out a career in the creative sector.

Find out how to present yourself as a creative business online using social media, websites and blogs in order to get your work noticed, gain a following and get customers. You’ll get the opportunity to pick her brains at the end of the presentation and ask Charlotte any burning questions you have about carving out a career for yourself in the creative sector.

24/03/2021 2pm 2 hours Mental Health Awareness Introducing the basics on mental health awareness within this workshop, focussing on some illnesses, how to support someone and how to look after yourself in the process. The session will also teach techniques on how to support someone who may be poorly and what to recommend in terms of professional support?. Mental Health Awareness looks at some of the barriers in talking about poor mental health, and accessing the right support but what we can do as members of the community to remove these issues.
Link to online session - This link will only be live on the day of the event:
24/03/2021 3pm 1 hour  How to harness your inner self confidence  How often do you look at other people and think ‘I wish I could be like that’.  ‘If only I had their luck’?  

Do you ever think  ‘I can be like them’. ‘I can make my own luck’?

We can all achieve our dreams; it’s not down to luck, it’s about having the self-esteem to behave in a confident manner; however you feel!  The more you can build self-esteem, which is just like an internal battery, the more you will behave in a confident manner!

This one hour, interactive event (no PowerPoint!), on Zoom will help you:

• identify how to build self-confidence
• know & value who you are
• understand your emotions
• take control
• allow self-compassion

Don’t worry if you just want to watch or listen; you won’t be forced into contributing!
24/03/2021 4pm 1 hour  Learning Leadership skills & Management styles Led by Callum Perrry, UEA SU's Undergraduate Officer, this session serves as an introduction to effective leadership and will give you a step by step guide on how to become an effective leader. It will also cover different management styles so you can learn what yourown style is
24/03/2021 5.30pm 30 minutes Meditation & Mindfulness This Mindfulness Introduction webinar is suitable for beginners!
It will cover some theoretical basics and discussion, followed by a guided meditation. It will also include tips to apply these skills into everyday life to help you with your emotional wellbeing. You will also be directed to resources and further courses offered by Student Services if you wish to continue developing a mindfulness practice. 
25th March 2021
25/03/2021 11am 1.5 hours The Risk of Failure: How to be a freelance creative So, you’ve read the whole library, gained invaluable skills and partied hard at the LCR. But what happens after university? Some sectors have very clear pathways: the NHS, banks, marketing. But the creative industry is a little different, especially if you’re a writer.
This workshop explores building confidence to write, redraft and sell to the Arts industry (Screen and Theatre). Led by commissioned writer and literary agent’s assistant Magda Bird, you will carry out creative exercises and have a young industry insider’s perspective of the industry.
Produced by the eco-creative company Arts Regeneration. For more information, visit our website at:
25/03/2021 1pm 1 hour  LinkedIn – Be more employable for free You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, but you might not know what to use it for and why YOU should be on it right now. This workshop will help guide you through the LinkedIn basics; knowing what to have on your account, who to follow and what to post will all be answered, giving you the skills to unlock those employment doors you previously thought shut.
25/03/2021 2pm 45 minutes Introduction to Outreach and developing your workshop  This session is for any clubs, societies or individuals that would like to go into local schools, high schools or colleges to run a workshop on their chosen subject. This workshops will give you an introduction to Outreach as well as the tools to create a workshop that is tailored to the right demographic and is engaging for your target audience. 
25/03/2021 3pm 1.5 hours Building resilience Learn about some of the techniques we can use which support us during difficult times. There is a self-reflective activity which looks at how we can incorporate our strength into areas where we would like to improve. We will look into some resilience tools and techniques in detail, highlighting which ones we want to try as individuals post-workshop. The workshop uses some examples throughout so you can relate it back to your own experience and learn how to develop your resilience further.
Link to online session -
25/03/2021 4pm 1 hour  How to build a unique brand for your start-up - an introductory guide In this session, you’ll receive an introduction about the power of branding and will explore how can branding stimulate your business and influence your culture. You’ll learn about different branding models such as ‘the butterfly model’ and look to apply them to a case study. After this session, you should have a good grounding to consider your brand purpose, proposition and personality.

This workshop is ideal for third year or master students interested in their own business but is open to everybody interested in learning about brands.
25/03/2021 5.30pm 30 minutes The Good Sleep Club  Finish off this weeks personal development programme with some deep relaxation. De-stress, unwind and help improve your sleep with this Yoga nidra session. Yogic sleep as it's commonly known, is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation. Learn about yourself, explore what you need in the moment and use this as an opportunity to work on releasing long-held emotions. Yoga nidra is an accessible meditation practice that focuses on cultivating multiple levels of well-being. Practiced with consistency and awareness, you may likely discover that you can find a good amount of peace in a short period of time.