UEA Mature Students Forum 

UEA Mature Students Forum Facebook Page HERE

This is a Facebook Group where you can be updated on meet ups and different activities for mature students. 

The UEA Mature Student Forum provides:

  • An information platform to support mature students at UEA.
  • A channel to raise issues affecting their studies and time at UEA which is then escalated appropriately.
  • A social network so that like minded students can socialise, discuss issues affecting their life at UEA and encourage them to increase and fulfill their potential.


  • The UEA mature student forum believes every student should have the best and equal standards of education and fullfilling time at UEA, regardless of their age. 


  • Every student, regardless of their age, should be treated with respect and dignity. 


  • Equality across the institution, regardless of age.
  • Encouragement of mature students to actively engage with other students, clubs and societies achieving the most fulfilling time possible at UEA. 

Postgraduate events 

All Postgraduate events are open to mature students. You can find more information about these events here 

Postgraduate Facebook Page here 


The scholars bar has a weekly quiz on a Tuesday night from 7pm during term time.