About Us

your union

UEA Students' Union is a student-led organisation which exists to serve your interests and enhance your experience as a learner at UEA. Whether you're a full-time undergraduate based on campus or a part-time learner who never visits the city, everything our staff do is designed to serve you as a member. This page exists as a quick guide toexplain who we are, what we do, and why it benefits you as a Medicine of Health Science student to get involved


how we’re run

Students and apprentices run our union, with five full-time officers and 15-part-time officers directing our staff to deliver the most relevant services to you. These officers are elected by you and accountable to you throughout their tenure, ensuring that your priorities form the basis of our services and campaigns throughout the year. Together with the other parts of our governance structure, they ensure that our union works for you.


what we offer

Your union offers a range of charitable services which reflect the needs of students across the university, including in Medicine and Health.


Your union provides you with opportunities lead change on your course, whether at a module, programme, school or university-wide level. This primarily happens through our student rep system, where we train you or one of your peers to speak up about your course and change it for the better. You also have student-led representation at a School and Faculty level through your convenors, and representation at a university-wide level through your officer team, who can be found on the homepage. And if in doubt, you can always voice your concerns to your FMH Coordinator at the union directly.

clubs, societies and events

There are more than 30 FMH Academic Societies dedicated solely to Medicine and Health Science Students, with 150+ more societies and 60 clubs that you can also get involved with. These range from Real Ale Society to Lacrosse, Knitting and Crochet to Assassins, so there really is something you can get involved with. Society Committees are trained to understand the needs and differences of FMH learners and their placements, and welcome new members throughout the year - Don't be afraid to jump in!

Don’t have the time/energy to commit to a society? The Do Something Different programme runs one-off events throughout the year, perfect to de-stress over lunch or after work.


Our advice team are independent from UEA, and can provide free and confidential advice on everything from academic appeals to addiction, fitness to practice to wellbeing. You can find FMH-specific support here, or access all of our advice information on the SU website, including how to book an appointment wih one of our advisors.