reps & voice

student voice and feedback

Your Union is here to ensure that your school, faculty and university are responding to your feedback and acting in your interest. If you want something changed (or protected), you can use the channel you feel most comfortable with to ensure that you’re heard.

your reps

Your Course Rep is a student or apprentice on your course who represents you in course- and school-wide meetings. They sit on Student Staff Liason Committees (or SSLCs), and recieve training, support and resources from the SU to make sure that your concerns are heard, resolved and implimented in a way that benefits everyone.

Course Reps are vital in making sure your school knows what's happening on your course, good and bad. Find the details of your rep via the Hubs above, or ask your Course Director/Head of Year who your Student Rep is. If your course doesn't have a Rep, you can put yourself forward to become one - Find out more about being a rep here, and email [email protected] (HSC learners) or [email protected] (MED learners) to nominate yourself or a friend for the position!


your convenors

Your Convenors are student reps who work across your school and faculty to deliver change at a higher level. They listen to the feedback you provide your reps and use that information to hold FMH accountable to you.


your officers

Your Officer Team serve the entire student and apprentice population at UEA, including everyone who studies in FMH. All of our officers are accountable to you, and the five full-time officers pictured above work with the university at the highest levels to improve your student experience. Officers are always keen to hear the experiences of FMH students, good and bad, and can be contacted via their inboxes on the homepage of our website.


tell us directly

If you don't feel comfortable using any of the channels above, or if you don’t know where to direct your comments, complete this form and your Student Experience Coordinator (Shaun Keen) will help you resolve your concerns: