An SU Employee handing out leaflets in The Hive

campaigns in FMH

our campaigns

Your Students' Union is constantly working to make life in FMH and at UEA a happier, safer, more empowering experience. The campaigns below are the FMH-Specific campaigns the union is working on this year, signed off by your officer team and running alongside their work at every level of university life.

your voice

We’re empowering your student reps to improve how your voice is heard across the faculty, giving you the chance to have a better say over your course and your experience as a learner. Some of the ways we’re doing this involve:

  • Improving the visibility of your course reps and convenors, so you know who to go to
  • Improving feedback from our Staff-Student Liaison Committees, so you know what we’re talking about and whether it matches your concerns
  • Improving the promotion and clarity of our elections, so you have more of a say in what our Union does and how it’s run.

If you want to get involved with improving your school, talk to your rep, your convenor or your Education Officer, who can be found here

better information

Together with staff across the faculty, we’re improving the quality of communications that you receive, focussing easily accessible, high-quality information that tells you exactly what you need to do to thrive at UEA. Some of the work under this campaign includes:

  • Making HSC/MED posts more accessible, from improved use of graphics to highlighting important, relevant information in longer posts
  • Compiling resources in easy-to-access spaces, so you know which service is most suitable for any academic, welfare or financial issues that you may be having
  • Doing a better job of highlighting why the Union is relevant to Medicine and Health Science students

Confused by any information about your course? Don’t know how to access UEA/Union Services? Let us know at [email protected] or [email protected]

campaigns and liberation

FMH can be a better place for all students, and we’re committed to tackling prejudice, discrimination and exclusion wherever it occurs. This academic year, we’re committed to:

  • Introducing BAME Ambassadors into HSC and maintaining our Ambassador posts in MED, providing paid work for students to focus on school-specific issues relating to race
  • Advocating for student input into all Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work within the faculty, putting the voices of all students from widening participation backgrounds at the fore of discussions
  • Working with the Officer Team to empower any FMH learner to speak up on issues that affect them providing all the campaign support that the Union has to offer

Your experiences are vital in informing our work, and if you have an experience that you want to share or a campaign that you want us to look at, talk to our Campaigns and Democracy Officer (Hamish Williams) or our Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer (Aaron Campbell) to share your voice.

your communities

From Medicine Families to Academic Societies, we know that fantastic work happens within the faculty to improve the lives of the learners within it. We want to build on this work to improve your experience as a student or apprentice, including:

  • Providing FMH-based academic societies, such as MedSoc, EyeSoc and Physiotherapy Society, additional SU support to better engage with members
  • Engaging with apprentices, professional students and other student groups who feel excluded from student activities to make our community more welcoming for them
  • Working with Buddy(su) to better accommodate FMH learners, providing peer-support training for students who want it

Be part of this work by getting involved with one of our Academic Societies, getting involved with the wider student communities in FMH and UEA, or by sending your ideas to our Activities and Opportunities Officer (Lizzie Payne)