communities and equality

communities and equality

Students and apprentices in FMH often feel isolated, especially when your background and identity isn't represented in your surroundings. Your SU is working with UEA to build communities and affect change that benefits, represents and empowers every member of our community.

your communities

Studying in FMH can be an isolating experience, especially this year, and especially for students and apprentices from more diverse backgrounds. Here are some of the ways that students and apprentices can connect with others from similar backgrounds:

Faith and Spirituality: Our Faith and Spirituality area provides links to the religious and spiritual communities at UEA - Student-led groups who provide community and social opportunities for those who take part. You can also find support and guidance at the UEA Faith Centre.

International Students and Apprentices: International students and apprentices can find support from the SU via our International Students page, with advice and support for any kind of issue. For social opportunities, students and apprentices can view more than 40 National and regional-specific societies by viewing our Societies Page and tapping "Cultural"

Students and Apprentices of Colour: Students and Apprentices of Colour at UEA will see cultural campaigns from the SU throughout the year, together with student led campaign groups such as Decolonise and Womanist that FMH students and apprentices can get involved with. Students can also find community spaces and activities though UEA Cultural Societies (found by clicking the link and pressing "Cultural") and via African Caribbean Medical Society

Mature Students and Apprentices: The Mature Students area of our website provides support specifically for the needs of mature students and apprentices, from dedicated spaces on campus to the right people in UEA to contact if issues arise. You can also find support via our Mature Student Peer Support Group

LGBT+ Students and Apprentices: UEA Pride provides activities, support and social opportunities for all students and apprentices at UEA, and are at the fore of planning our LGBT+ History Month, Pride, and other events and activities at UEA.

Students looking for social opportunities outside of these communities can find them through our societies in FMH, or through the 200+ societies across the university - These societies are always welcoming new members, so don't be afraid to get involved!


student leaders

Em Anderson, our full-time Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer, works with a team of liberation officers to improve the way that UEA handles issues of equality, diversity and inclusion (or EDI). Your liberation officer team are:


Serene Shibli Sexton, People of Colour Officer - [email protected]

Laura Taylor and Lucy Hawker, Invisible Disabilities Officers (Job Share) - [email protected] and [email protected]

Briony Randell, Women’s Officer - [email protected]

Kasper Hassett, LGBT+ (Open place) Officer - [email protected]

Oliver Jones, LGBT+ (Trans & Non Binary Place) Officer - [email protected]

These officers serve all students and apprentices in FMH, and always want to hear about your ideas and experiences - Never be afraid to get in touch.

In addition to this, BAME Ambassadors in both MED and HSC are working to improve the experiences of students and apprentices of colour across the faculty. The details for these ambassadors will be posted when their roles are confirmed.


our work

As a Union, we're working with UEA at all levels to improve the experience of all students, with additional efforts towards those who experience exclusion, discrimination and prejudice. Some of the work we do in this area includes:

  • Working with FMH to create an Inclusive Curriculum, with processes to hold staff to account for the diversity of content in their courses
  • Working with UEA to create Awareness Months, from Black History Month to Movember
  • Training Student Leaders in FMH the importance of diverse feedback and planning, from anti-racism training for societies and student reps to events at our annual Edge Conference, to create inclusive student-led change

You can see the wider change happening in the faculty on our Campaigns Page, and the wider work our our Union by exploring the SU website.