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professional students

professional students

Not everyone uses our services the same, and the support needed from professional students may be different from that of the typical undergraduate. Listed below are some of the most relevant advice, support and opportunities for professionals who study at UEA.


academic support

Your Union is independent from UEA, and can provide support wherever you have an issue with the institution. This covers everything from appealing an assessment to academic appeals, to providing a Union representative should you find yourself in the Fitness to Practice process. If you're unsure whether you need our help or whether we're the right people to contact, it's always better to ask - Click here to contact our advice team, or find us at Union House (next the The Square) on campus.

If anything personal is affecting your study, whether it be stress, burnout, addiction, illness, or anything that affects your physical or mental health, we can help - We have advice and resources that you can explore for yourself, or you can book an appointment to speak with our team.


representation and voice

We want to make sure that every student, apprentice and professional has a way to provide feedback and improve their course for themselves and others. If you have any feedback you want to provide, there are several ways to do this:

  • You may have a course representative who can do this for you - Ask your course director/programme lead if this is the case
  • You can provide feedback via the SU - Email [email protected] (HSC Learners) or [email protected] (MED Learners) to speak to one of our team
  • You can keep an eye out for feedback opportunities on your course - These may take the form of surveys or drop-in events, and can be organised by the SU if requested


community and opportunities

From Real Ale Society to Swing Dance, the 200+ societies at UEA go beyond all expectations to provide a welcoming environment for everyone - And as a member of the Students' Union, you can get involved as much or as little as you like with all of them. You can browse all of our clubs and societies through these links, or find all our Medicine and Health academic societies here.

Just want to drop in and try something new? Our Do Something Different programme provides drop-in sessions where anyone to get involved. Sessions with Do Something Different range from knitting and crochet to sub-aqua, including day walks and days out around Norfolk that families can attend together, so keep an eye out for something you could be interested in here.

Looking for a group that reflects your identity? The Communities and Equality page of Medicine + Health covers all the ways that students and apprentices can find community and belonging with those from similar backgrounds at the university. This includes our Cultural Societies, who reflect the diversity of our student body and provide opportunities to share experiences with students and apprentices with common experiences and backgrounds. To find these societies, go to our Societies Page and click on the Cultural tab.