I'm under 18 years old

If you are under 18 years old you may still become a member of clubs and societies, but you will need some extra permissions. You will not be allowed to buy clubs and societies memberships on the website until you have followed the steps below:
1. Complete and retun the above document to [email protected] or bring in to Union House, Norwich, NR4 7TJ and ask for the student groups administrator. Email [email protected] with information on what clubs or societies you want to join.
2. You'll need to get one of your parents or guardians to give permission for you to join these groups, so they will need to sign the information document.
3. Once we've recieved the information document back, we will need to contact the club or society to make sure it is okay with them.
4. Once we have confirmation from a parent or guardian and the club or society, you will be given access to purchase your memberships online via the wesbite.
You can look at societies here
You can look at clubs here
For sports club membership, you must also buy SAM membership...
SAM Membership
In order to join a sports club, you will also need to purchase Sports Association Membership (SAM). This is priced at £50 a year and covers lots of costs like insurance, equipment, competition costs etc. It is mandatory for all students and only needs to be paid once a year.
If you are only here for one semester, you are entitled to half year SAM, if you provide us with evidence that this is the case. Half year SAM costs £30. To get this, please email proof of your term dates to [email protected] (a photo of your campus card with the expiry date visible works!) and we'll be able to send you a link to purchase your half year SAM. For more information click here.